These three secretions occur during pregnancy, please be vigilant, it is likely that the fetus is "asking for help"

For pregnant mothers, although pregnancy is great, at the same time, it is accompanied by danger. The pregnant mother needs to be vigilant at the time of pregnancy. Maybe your slippery god may directly threatens directly threateningTo the fetus and their own safety.

On weekdays, even the traces on the underwear, the pregnant mother cannot ignore it.Because of the different colors of these traces, we can have a systematic understanding of the general situation of our body and the fetus.Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to it. During pregnancy, they must always pay attention to traces on the underwear.

The cousin Xiaofeng was about 6 months of pregnancy, and she has always been very stable whether she is or the fetus.But recently, Xiaofeng found that he had to change his underwear almost every day, because she saw that there were always brown secretions on the underwear. There were not many secretions, just a little stars.

Xiaofeng didn’t want to say at the beginning. Later, I found that this was still the case for a few days, so I talked to her girlfriend. After listening to it, I hurriedly suggested that Xiaofeng go to the hospital to check it, because the girlfriend remembers that I have seen it before.This aspect is just that if there is always secretions on the underwear, it is likely that the baby’s fetal movement has also changed.

After listening to the words, Xiaofeng made an appointment to go to the hospital recently.After the hospital, Xiaofeng introduced her situation to the doctor. The doctor immediately checked her and told Xiaofeng to come early, otherwise the consequences were unimaginable.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the pregnant mothers. In order to make the fetus more healthy, and for their own safety, they are unreasonable for all strange phenomena during pregnancy.It is easy to be ignored, as everyone knows, in fact, this is a signal that the fetus is asking you for help.

If the fetus feels dangerous, how will it generally release the help signal by the secretion?

1. Blood wire appears

As we all know, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers will not come to menstruation, that is, there is no blood color on the underwear. If you find that there are often bloodshots on your underwear, please be alert.Because these two situations may occur: one is the placenta drop, and the other is likely to have a miscarriage.In the case of two situations, first of all, the pregnant mother should keep calm and go to the hospital for examination immediately, and do it as the doctor said.

But if these blood wires are not very serious, pregnant mothers can also observe for two or three days a little. At the same time, try to lie in bed as much as possible in the past few days.

2. Dark brown secretions appear

If the pregnant mother finds that the secretion in the underwear is light brown, it is not too nervous, which is a normal phenomenon, but if the secretion is dark brown and the color is deepened, then the pregnant mother must be prepared for psychological preparations at this time.It’s right.Because this is likely to be a hormone in the pregnant mother’s own body.

What pregnant mothers need to do is to go to the hospital immediately for examination to let the doctor help to see what the specific situation is.Everything is based on the baby’s healthy development and ensuring their own safety.

3. There is a transparent liquid

When pregnant mothers are in the third trimester, they must pay more attention to these secretions.If you find that these secretions are translucent liquid, it is likely to indicate that the amniotic fluid is broken, that is, the fetus is telling you that he is about to meet you in his own way.

At this time, the pregnant mother must not be moved. Back to the room with the help of others and lie down immediately to prevent the amniotic fluid from being lost too much and endanger the fetus.And contact the hospital for the first time to be ready to welcome the baby.

In short, the pregnant mother during pregnancy is like a national first -class protection of animals. The whole family should always be vigilant and pay attention to every move of the fetus until it is born smoothly.

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