These two kinds of diarrhea will be inherited. Before pregnancy, the mother quickly cure it

I have heard of genetic diabetes, genetic asthma, genetic obesity and hypertension, but genetic diarrhea?I have heard the truth about the truth.Although it sounds an incredible absurdity, it is indeed confirmed by real science research!

Genetic diarrhea: lactose intolerance

The manifestation of this disease is that when a person eats lactose or food containing lactose, the normal operation of the stomach and intestines will be disrupted, and symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, intestinal colic, sparse stool and foam.For children, it will also overflow and vomit. This situation will seriously affect the child’s nutritional intake and normal development.

The best solution for this disease is to improve diet.Under the guidance of a doctor, a small amount of lactose is scientific every day, insisting on this, you can slowly improve the lactose intolerance.During this period, fermented cheese, yogurt or other dairy products can be temporarily replaced with milk to supplement your body nutrition.

Genetic diarrhea two: Tyranium diarrhea

The main symptoms are abdominal distension, abdominal pain, sparse stool, and long -term.If it is not given treatment, it will make children’s insufficient nutrition, anemia, delay physical development, and even become a lifelong disease. It is also possible to inherit the next generation.

It is comfortable that this is a self -immune disease. Once diagnosed, patients only need to avoid eating wheat gluten food within a few months. The gastrointestinal function regulation is normal.The patient got rid of the disease.

In addition to these two types of diarrhea is likely to inherit children, these characteristics of the following parents will also be inherited to the next generation to a certain extent:

Obesity: When both parents are thin, the baby can’t be fat to a large extent; but if the parents are obese, the baby’s obesity rate will increase to 40%.However, whether a person is obesity to a greater extent depends on his living environment and dietary conditions, including exercise.

Bald: Generally occurs on male baby. When dad and grandfather are bald, the child will have little doubt in the future. When the father and the grandfather are not bald, exclude the child’s day after tomorrow’s diet and living habits, the child’s inheritance is inheritedThe probability of sex baldness is almost 0; if the father and grandfather are bald, the child’s bald probability is 25%.

Visual problem: When parents are highly myopia, the child is very likely to be myopia. Even if the vision is normal at birth, there are hidden dangers of vision. The small harmful vision of the day after tomorrow will induce children’s myopia; however, due to genetic factorsThere are only 5%of myopia people. It can be seen that the acquired protection measures and health habits are very important!Foresight.

Personality: Children’s character is inherited and inherited by the family, but to a greater extent, it depends on the living environment and cultivation of the child’s day after tomorrow.Therefore, the child’s mother cultivates the baby well, the baby still has a chance to be as good as dad!

IQ: Parents’ IQ will definitely affect the baby, but this is not absolute.The same is the same. Although it has some genetic power, it depends on the training and nutritional supplement of the day after tomorrow. Parents can only develop the child’s brain to maximize the development of the child’s brain only by combining the child’s intelligence inherently together.

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