This crab is protected by the law and can only eat crab tongs. It is also known as "leek in the sea"

Summer is here, and the long -awaited foodies can be shining again.When it comes to eating, the watermelon that is at least in the summer, the ice beer, and the delicious seafood.Especially in crabs, it is estimated that there are not many people who can refuse.But have you heard of it?There is a crab that can only eat crab tongs.If you still can’t refuse its crab yellow crab meat, you may face the prison disaster.The world is unique. Today we will talk about this wonderful law of the United States.

The United States regulations, although it is a laws and regulations that protect wildlife, not all crabs benefit.What is the special of this crab, can it make a national law clearly stipulate?This kind of Florida crab can be protected by law. It is living near the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico. This crab is different from most crabs. Its body is small, but its pliers are particularly large.So at first the merchants all sold its crab tongs, and the crab body was packed and presented.If you are also disliked, the merchant will treat it as garbage.Later, these delicious crab claws were loved by the old beauty, and the price rose high.This also became the number one prey for fishermen.I guess you think why you don’t engage in artificial breeding.This is because this stone crab survival environment is extremely high, so it will not be low even if it can be cultivated.Seeing more and more people fishing, if they do not introduce some policies, this stone crab may be eaten by human greed.Therefore, the U.S. government has introduced a series of policies, of which there is such one, stipulating that the entire stone crab must not be caught.

Florida crab

If someone is caught and eaten privately, the uncle of the police will ask you to go to the police station to drink tea to talk about life.So if you come to the coast of the Atlantic to catch Florida crab, you must not only study laws and regulations or bring a lawyer, but also have to bring a ruler with you.Because the law stipulates that the length of the crab claws of crab catcher is accurate to centimeter.Therefore, people have also summarized the three principles of crab catcher.First of all, the little crab cannot be caught. Be sure to take the kaqi with a carefully quantity of the stone crab claws caught by seven centimeters. If it is not enoughAdult little guy.second.The mother crab cannot be caught. After the rock crabs are caught, they must be carefully distinguished by the abdomen.Third, and the most important point, crab cannot be caught.After fishing all stone crabs can only be removed with professional tools, and then stone crabs without crab claws are released back to the sea.You think you can go to the sea to catch crabs after you have mastered the above requirements,

American people eat Florida crab claws

That’s wrong. If you want to be a qualified crab catcher, you have to learn how to catch crabs and how to remove the crab claws with the minimum damage of the crab.Stone crabs are mainly living in stone seams, and they only show their heads when they are looking for food.So ah, general fishermen will put the food that stone crabs like to eat in advance into the crab catcher, and then put the mechanism at the door of the stone crab’s house.You can harvest a batch of stone crabs.You can take out the ruler that is still looking forward to. If you meet the legal requirements, you can remove the crab pliers. When you are 掰, you must pay attention.There is a layer of film. If the method of lingering the crab tongs is correct, the stone crab can survive, because it will grow new crab tongs after the crab tongs are ridge., A stone crab can repeat four to five crab claws,

Florida crab film

This gives the stone crab a new name "Leek in the Sea", which can cut off one stubble.According to the data, the survival rate of crab eating that was caught away from a crab tong was much higher than that of the two crab claws, and the right clamp of stone crab is thicker than the left pliers, so many fishermen will only stabA crab tong.Seems to spare no effort to protect the stone crabs, but the United States organizes a huge stone crab festival in October each year. Thousands of stone crabs are placed on the table in front of them, and the body of the stone crab is thrown back to the sea.In fact, in terms of protecting animals, there are still many strange operations in the United States. Alaska Animal Castle Law stipulates that if you go to the zoo to wake up the sleeping bear, it is illegal.A legal provision also introduced in Oklahoma, that is, forbiding people and bears from wrestling. Considering the huge difference in combat effectiveness, this sounds more like laws that protect humanity.But, who dares to wrestle with the bear?After reading the above content, what else do you know?Welcome to leave a message below.

Florida Stone Crab Festival

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