This is the fish that is most suitable for babies. Did mothers choose the right?

Moms and dads know that they have a lot of fish to give their children. The amino acids in fish protein are closest to the human body. They are most in line with the needs of the human body and are more easily digested and absorbed.At the same time, it also contains vitamin A and various trace elements, which can provide children with balanced dietary nutrition.Therefore, eating fish is very good for children, but if you want the fish to provide the child with the healthiest nutrition, the parents need to eat fish for the child scientifically.

What fish is good for the baby?

1. salmon

Salmon is rich in high-quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acids contained in it are essential substances for the brain, retina and nervous system.At the same time, there are few salmon spines, solid and elastic meat, suitable for babies to eat.

2. Cod

Cod is a deep -sea fish. Its meat is white and tender. Many countries in the world use cod as the main edible fish.The protein of cod is higher than salmon, and the fat contained in the meat is 17 times lower than the salmon, which is a very fish food.

But there is a common cod called silver cod. In fact, it is not a real cod.This kind of fish is a naked covering fish. Although its meat is relatively tender, the mercury contains high, and the baby eats at most once a week.

There is also a counterfeit cod called "oil fish", the scientific name is a different -scale snake snake and a spin -like snake. It has a high fat content and cannot be digested and absorbed by the human body.So don’t give your children to eat.

3. Dragon Fish

It is a marine fish distributed in my country’s offshore regions. It is large, but there is very little spines. Only the spine in the middle, the fish is thick and delicate, nutritious, and almost no fishy smell.At present, many supermarkets have frozen dragon fish pieces for sale, and some are specially cut into pieces suitable for babies, which is also a good choice.

4, sea bass

There are seawater breeding varieties, as well as freshwater aquaculture varieties. There are fewer thorns all over the body.Bass contains nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates and other nutrients, and also contain vitamin B2, tobaccoic acid and trace vitamin B1, phosphorus, iron and other substances.When buying, choose living fish with suitable size and alive.

5. Bring fish

The content of DHA and polyunsaturated fatty acids is higher than that of freshwater fish. In addition, it has a rich lecithin with fish, which has more brain function.Moreover, the fish tastes delicious and small, and small thorns can reduce the risk of the fishbone stuck throat.

How old can a baby eat fish?

Many parents are worried that eating fish prematurely will cause the baby to be allergic.In fact, after the baby adds supplementary food for 4-6 months, you can start trying to eat fish.Studies have shown that delaying the time of eating fish does not reduce the risk of allergies in the baby.However, when adding, parents must follow the laws from less to more, from simple to complex laws, and gradually add.If the baby has an allergic reaction after eating a certain fish, it should not let the baby eat this fish anymore.

In addition, it is also very important to control the amount. Although the baby often eats fish often, in view of the current problems of serious water pollution, it is not recommended to give the baby fish every day to avoid ingesting too much mercury, which causes the baby’s nervous system to develop the development of the baby’s nervous system.It must be harmful.

Which part of the fish is suitable for babies to eat?

When eating fish for babies, many parents are in trouble again. Which part is suitable for the baby?Some parents think that the fish head is good, and the fish head is smart. Indeed, the fish head is rich in DHA, but the fish is also contained!What’s more, the fish head can be eaten much less than the fish body. Besides, the mercury content in the fish head is indeed greater than the fish meat. From a safety perspective, it should be the first choice of fish belly to eat fish.Lecithin is relatively high, soft and delicious, and less small, which is very suitable for children to eat.

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