This pregnancy melon is really explosive

A few days ago, there was a pregnancy melon, which was boiled, and even burst into hot search.

Without him, because he was pregnant was the top female star Dili Reba, and the male protagonist, Huang Jingyu, who had passed the scandal with her.

One stone stirred up thousands of waves.

It instantly attracted the attention of all the people who eat melon.

However, this melon quickly confirmed that it was false, but the subsequent development of this pregnancy melon was also very explosive …

First of all, talk about Dili Reba and Huang Jingyu.

Huang Jingyu is handsome and has a good figure, but the history of emotional history is unknown. Although it is quite good with the two people in Dili Reba, the people who eat melon cannot be scratched. On the contrary, from the beginning of their relationship, everyoneThe consensus is: "Beauty runs".

For the first time, they loved in December 2019.

At that time, a paparazzi broke the news that Dili Reba ran to Huang Jingyu’s house and went to Ping An Night.

At the same time, according to paparazzi, Di Lierba and Huang Jingyu often returned to RVs together.

Then come out after changing the clothes ↓

In November 2020, Huang Jingyu filmed in Changzhou, and Reba’s car still appeared at the hotel door.

Reba’s car ↓

Huang Jingyu out of the hotel door ↓

And November 30 is Huang Jingyu’s birthday.

According to paparazzi, Reba filmed "You Are My Glory" in Shanghai at that time. In order to celebrate Huang Jingyu, Reba even asked for two days off.

However, because the two parties were not photographed by paparazzi, the melon was gone.

Until some time ago, there was a paparazzi who came out to do something, saying that Dili Reba had not filmed for several months, did not attend the red carpet, and took a picture of Dili Reba’s belly.Bazi is pregnant.

At the same time, it also hinted that Huang Jingyu’s upgrade is to be a father.

It was said that Dili Reba was pregnant, and his father was Huang Jingyu.

But it is more embarrassing that the so -called Dili Reba’s pregnancy picture is the airport pick -up map taken by Dili Reba fans.

Di Lierba made a live broadcast in January. At that time, he also wore tights. This is how pregnant.

Obviously, Dili Reba was not pregnant.

So it comes wonderfully.

Fans of Dili Reba, who are amazing in combat, began to tear Huang Jingyu.

And exposed the text of Di Lierba in January. The docking of Dili Reba was suspected to be crazy hints in the next time. If Di Lierba was exploded, it would be an attentive person to engage inmatter.

This also starts to start talking about the live broadcast that can prove that Di Lierba was not pregnant.

This live brand is called cats.

Dili Reba is the spokesperson.

About January 6th, Di Lijiaba learned that the catman brand signed a male artist and rushed to question the brand. As a result, the brand side pretended to be dead.It’s right.

And this newly signed male artist with the catman is Huang Jingyu.

This also shows that Di Lierba does not want to have any attitude with Huang Jingyu.

Because Dili Reba and Huang Jingyu had a scandal, if the subsequent was found to have endorsed the same brand as Huang Jingyu, it was easy to be speculated that he was engaged in a couple with Huang Jingyu …

Di Lierba is obviously unwilling.

Behind Dili Reba’s "pregnancy melon", what truth is, we don’t know, but now, now, the biggest loser of this farce seems to be Huang Jingyu?IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

Because his black history was turned out again.

Huang Jingyu’s studio urgently issued a statement, saying that the relevant remarks about Huang Jingyu’s private life were all slander.

But what is more funny is that as soon as the statement was issued, Huang Jingyu’s former Wang Yuxin yesterday ran out to face Huang Jingyu.

She was engaged in live broadcast and was drunk.

Some netizens asked her: "Sister, do you really get married with Huang Jingyu?"

This sister returned two words very quickly: "Covered."

Wang Yuxin is 6 years older than Huang Jingyu. He is a painter. Title is a lot of rich women.

When she was with Huang Jingyu, Huang Jingyu was still a small coffee.

But after Huang Jingyu became popular, she was derailed and divorced her.

This incident broke the news as early as 18 years.

At that time, some netizens exploded that he was married and divorced.

He also said that he and his wife Wang Yuxin had the entire process of divorce in the administrative hall.

But Huang Jingyu did not admit it, and questioned netizens: "Doesn’t it require cost when making rumors?"

At this time, a netizen named "Bump" played the role of the Ambassador of Justice, and directly exposed the wedding photos of Huang Jingyu and Wang Yuxin. It also broke the news that the female star Zhang Yishang.

Zhang Yi Shang this sister is like this

At present, the most profound role is the "Yingzi" in "The Ancient City of Ghost Blowing the Lantern".

But whether it is married or derailed, Huang Jingyu does not recognize.

"Endalism" continues to enlarge the move.

It is said that Huang Jingyu also took Zhang Yi back home. Zhang Yishang also deliberately took a selfie in Huang Jingyu’s house. Wang Yuxin.

And a large number of intimate photos of Huang Jingyu and Wang Yuxin were exposed.

And there are also photos of Zhang Yi’s selfie in Huang Jingyu’s home.

Feel that this is a photo of Huang Jingyu’s house that Wang Yuxin was once exposed.

This is a photo of Zhang Yi’s selfie in a selfie in Huang Jingyu’s home. Zhang Yi’s scenery from the window behind Zhang Yi is exactly the same as Wang Yuxin was exposed to Wang Yuxin.

It can be said that it is quite hammer.

In addition to derailment, unevenness also accused Huang Jingyu’s domestic violence.

At the same time, Wang Yuxin’s nose was swollen.

And injury appraisal.

Netizens also picked up photos of Huang Jingyu’s face with nail prints.

However, Huang Jingyu still did not recognize it, insisting that the scratch on his face was caught when he practiced Jiu -Jitsu.

Huang Jingyu’s fans continued to work hard, thinking that the bumps were rumored, and the wedding photos had steel prints, but the wedding photos of unevenness did not even have a steel print.

But, two years later, the face came again.

Because Huang Jingyu’s fans chased and scolded for two consecutive years, Wang Yuxin, who had a full -scale mentality, exposed the tendency to suicide on the Internet.

At this time, her assistant stood out.

Scolded Huang Jingyu and Zhang Yi in white, and repeatedly splashed dirty water on Wang Yuxin.

And broke the news that Huang Jingyu had P leg, infected, and opened a room with Zhang Yi in the hotel.

Huang Jingyu and Wang Yuxin’s wedding documents were also exposed. The steel print on the document was quite obviously compatible with the disclosure of "unevenness".

However, no matter how confused the private life, no matter how unfaithful his feelings, he could not stop the younger sister of thousands of years. He worshiped under Huang Jingyu’s suit pants, crying and shouting my brother to be innocent and innocent, and Wang Yuxin was so damn.

At all, it does not affect Huang Jingyu’s scandal and the top of the top, and continues to be mixed in the entertainment industry.

All in all, it’s so cool as a male star in the Mainland.

As long as you do not commit the law, you can wash up ashore.

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