This signal may not be pregnant, but a very difficult health crisis

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In the past few days, the demon tower reviewed the previous cases, and focused on several rescue examples of abdominal hemorrhage of abdominal cavity. The patient’s abdominal hemorrhage ranging from 1000 ~ 4000ml. A few of them could be said that the doctor was from the hands of death of death.Put back.

By reviewing, the demon tower found a more interesting thing, that is, most of them checked HCG by themselves after the menopause was discontinued. HCG showed that it was positive, and no further went to the hospital for examination.

It is not difficult to understand. They must think that menopause and HCG positive must be pregnant. In this case, just go to the hospital to check it when they have time, but who knows, it is thrilling.

Is HCG elevated after menstruation?Girl, you are so naive!

1. Biochemical pregnancy

do you know?About 30%of the embryo may occur after bed, nearly 80%of them are early abortion, and in early abortion, the proportion of hidden abortion is as high as 2/3.

The hidden abortion is the biochemical pregnancy we know. I believe that among friends who are reading this popular science, many people have experienced biochemical pregnancy.

Biochemical pregnancy is a "empty cannon".You who had a pregnancy plan at all, finally waited for me to stop menstruation, and used early pregnancy to test a urine. The result was positive and shared this good news to all relatives and friends who are looking forward to you.After a few days, the aunt seemed to get good news. When I heard the news, you instantly doubted your life.

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In fact, occasionally a biochemical pregnancy is not terrible. First of all, just like the data mentioned earlier, it is very common and often hides in menstruation. Therefore, the incidence of biochemical pregnancy should be higher than our statistics.Before being discovered, it quietly completes the process from the combination of essence to unhappy;

Secondly, we can treat biochemical pregnancy as a natural selection process of survival of the fittest, so occasionally a biochemical pregnancy does not require excessive sadness and anxiety.

However, if biochemical pregnancy (≥2 times) occurs repeatedly, then you need to go to the hospital for treatment to improve routine examinations such as hormone levels, thyroid function, B -ultrasound, sperm detection, etc. When necessaryCheck.

Second, ectopic pregnancy

Before, we also performed the relevant content of the abnormal pregnancy. Let’s review it today.The reason why this pregnancy is called ectopic pregnancy is because the fertilized eggs are bed outside the uterine cavity.Evasion pregnancy includes fallopian tube pregnancy, ovarian pregnancy, abdominal pregnancy, cervical pregnancy, wide ligament pregnancy, and scar pregnancy of cesarean section.

In addition to the cesarean section scar pregnancy, several other types of ectopic pregnancy are mainly due to fallopian tube inflammation, fallopian tube pregnancy and surgical history, dysplasia of fallopian tubes or abnormal dysfunction.Do not seek another way of making a living, take root in another fertile soil.

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So how to distinguish ectopic pregnancy is particularly important.The most typical clinical manifestations of rositive pregnancy are menopause, abdominal pain, and vaginal bleeding. The most important of which is abdominal pain.

Abdominal pain in rotten pregnancy often manifests on one side of the lower abdomen or soreness, especially when the ectopic pregnancy block is ruptured, the lower abdomen will be torn and painful, and there may be nausea, vomiting, etc.With the symptoms, if there are a lot of bleeding in the abdominal cavity, the anal fall will feel.

As the amount of bleeding increases, it develops into the pain of the whole abdomen and even radioactive pain on the shoulders and back, which is different from the abdominal pain of the aura abortions.

If you know that you are pregnant, or suddenly you suddenly occur after menopause, do n’t hesitate, and immediately go to the hospital for emergency treatment. As long as you deal with it in time, you can often turn in danger.

Third, hydatidum

As we all know, the pregnancy process starts from fertilization. Under normal circumstances, it should be combined with a set of chromosome eggs with a set of chromosomes with the sperm of chromosomes with her father. After that, the cells are divided and proliferated through the division and proliferation of cells.But when there is a problem with this process, the hydatidus will happen.

The reason why it is called hydatidal tires is because this abnormal sperm egg binding will cause velvet nourishing cells to hyperplasia and edema, forming so bluffs of different sizes. The blisters are connected, like grapes, so it is called hydatidal tires.If all of the uterine cavity are "grapes", called complete hydatidal tires, if there are still some fluff tissues, it is called partial hypotonic tires.

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Maybe you would say, isn’t it just a bunch of grapes?It’s not good to solve the Qing Dynasty, why bother?

In fact, because the HCG level is too high, hydatids often bring severe risks such as pregnancy drama spitting, abnormal thyroid dysfunction, elevated blood pressure, and even major bleeding.

The most important thing is that the probability of localized uterine invasion and / or distant metastasis in a complete hydatidal fetus is 15%and 4%, respectively.In the event of invasion or metastasis, that is, the disease that needs chemotherapy. Do you say it is terrible?

Therefore, if you are unfortunate, you have encountered hydatiditic tires, then you must pay attention to the monitoring of HCG level after grape tire surgery.remember:

After the surgery, HCG is reviewed once a week, and after three consecutive consecutive are negative, it takes once a month to check HCG (6 months);

After that, the total follow -up cycle is one year after the first HCG to Yin.

There is also a very important point. In the process of follow -up, it is best to strictly take at least 6 months.

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Fourth, pregnancy nourishing cell tumor

We introduced hydatidites before, but do not think that only abnormalities such as hydatiditic tires can cause pregnancy nourishing cell tumors. Abortion or even childbirth or ectopic pregnancy may occur in the future.

The difference is that 60%of pregnancy -nourishing cell tumors are secondary to hydatiditic tires, 30%are secondary to abortion, and 10%secondary to childbirth or ectopic pregnancy.Alas, pregnancy is not an easy process, and it may also be difficult to get a malignant tumor because of pregnancy!

Pregnancy and nourishing cell tumors mainly include corrosive hydatidal and fleece cancer. Among them, the malignant degree of corrosive hydatidal fetus is lower than that of fleece cancer, and the prognosis is good.As a malignant disease, corrosive hydatidus may be caused by 15%of hydatidal tires, so it is particularly important to follow up after surgery of hydatiditic tires.

Velvet cancer is more annoying. It may be secondary to any form of pregnancy, and the degree of malignancy is high. If it is not found or treated in time, the mortality rate is extremely high.

Therefore, any pregnancy should pay close attention to the level of HCG to the occurrence of alert villic cancer.No matter what kind of pregnancy, such as natural abortion, artificial abortion, childbirth, and ectopic pregnancy, doctors will ask everyone to repeatedly check the HCG level, and it will not be assured until HCG is negative.

But you don’t have to be afraid. First of all, the incidence of this malignant tumor is very low, and the demon tower has not encountered more than 10 for so many years.There are a lot of hydatidiforms, but the ending is very beautiful.

With the advancement of chemotherapy drug research and medical technology, we can treat it through a combination of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. This malignant tumor is not so terrible, and everyone does not have to worry too much.


Through today’s popular science, I believe that you will definitely agree with the point of the demon tower article. The rise of HCG does not mean pregnancy, or it may be a very difficult health crisis.

Therefore, if you encounter menopause and rise in HCG in the future, I hope that everyone should not think of it for granted that there is no problem and paralysis. You should actively go to the hospital for treatment to determine whether it is internal pregnancy. It is responsible for your own health.

Click on the avatar to pay attention to the six -story doctors to learn more about women’s health knowledge and gender communication knowledge ~

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