Those foods that are included in the "blacklist" during pregnancy cannot be touched?The truth is unexpected (below)

Millions of Mother said • Phase 2

"There was a pregnant woman in the past,

She will not avoid it after pregnancy,

Eat crab, drink milk tea, eat cold drinks, eat instant noodles

Later, she had an accident!"

We can often hear such stories,

However, what is the fact?

We have compiled the comments from millions of mothers,

The truth is unexpected …

Judging from the survey results, 46%of mothers believe that they should not drink milk tea during pregnancy; 31%of mothers say that she will still drink milk tea after pregnancy; 23%of mothers think that drinking a little bit during pregnancy is nothing, but they still have to drink less.

Mom said:

"After pregnancy, it is best not to drink milk tea. Milk tea contains a lot of flavors and additives. It is not good for the fetus and mother to drink."

"I was drinking at the time, but I had to pay attention not to drink it frequently. I drank a cup of two weeks at that time. There was nothing uncomfortable."

"When I was pregnant, my mouth was particularly stunned. I could still hold back at the beginning.

In fact, traditional milk tea is made of tea and water, and it doesn’t matter if pregnant women drink a little.However, almost all of the milk tea on the market today contains various additives. For the health of the fetus, it is advisable to drink less.

From the above survey, 39%of mothers feel that it is best not to eat cold things during pregnancy, which is not very good for the baby’s development; 36%of mothers think that it is not possible to eat a little in the summer in hot weather; another 25%of mothers with another mother;I feel that pregnant women are very nobble and eat.Mom said, "It is said that eating is not good to eat cold, but a friend, after pregnancy, it is said that you can eat more than 20 popsicles a day, and your body is very good." "If the weather is hot, it doesn’t matter"The ice cream is too cold, and if you eat too much, it will cause contraction and abortion, so let’s avoid it."

Although more than half of mothers say that pregnant women can eat ice cream, it is too cold and has high sugar content. For the fetus and their own health, it is necessary to stop, especially pregnant women with weak constitution. It is best not to eat in winter.

After pregnancy, the mouth is tagging. The big fish and big meat don’t like it, so they love to eat "junk food" like potato chips.

The survey found that 46%of mothers eat puffed food after pregnancy; 47%of mothers think that puffed foods are not healthy, and they still have to be cautious; only 6%of mothers think they should stay away from puffed food after pregnancy.

Mom said:

"Booth food should be eaten as little as possible, after all, puffed foods are carcinogens."

"The puffed food is too greasy, don’t eat it."

"I also know that these things have been eating too much, but I have no appetite after pregnancy, so I want to eat these, and then buy a lot online."

17%of mothers feel that if their mouths are rampant, it is also possible to eat instant noodles occasionally.Otherwise, the more controlled the more control.

Instant noodles are still more controversial. When it comes to instant noodles, many people will demonize it.The survey shows that 44%of mothers think they can eat occasionally; 39%of mothers think that instant noodles are not nutritious and pregnant women do not eat.In addition, 17%of mothers think that instant noodles can be eaten.

My mother said, "I didn’t have appetite when I was pregnant. I ate it a few times. When I ate, I would add some vegetables." "Instant noodles are not nutritious, it belongs to junk food, it is best not to eat when you are pregnant." "I don’t know why, I like to eat these special foods when I am pregnant, but I heard that contains preservatives, I still have to eat less. "

Many people will stabbish instant noodles after pregnancy. Although they know that eating instant noodles is unhealthy, there are still many pregnant women who can’t help but "steal food", and then they will feel guilty, fearing that they are not good for fetal development.

In fact, instant noodles are not so terrible, and even nutritionists have pointed out that the nutritional value of instant noodles is similar to bread.If the mouth is rampant, it does not have any impact once occasionally, but it is not recommended to eat it for a long time.

The survey showed that 20%of mothers think that they should not eat during pregnancy, and 40%of mothers still think that they change their taste during pregnancy, which is good; 40%of mothers think that as long as they control the amount, they have nothing to worry about occasionally.

Mom said:

"In the early stages of pregnancy, just eat whatever you want, but don’t eat too exciting, such as hot and sour powder, don’t eat too spicy."

"Theoretically, I can’t eat it, but I have eaten spicy, hot and sour powder, and rice noodles during pregnancy, and now the baby is also very healthy."

"It’s best not to eat it. During pregnancy, you should avoid the taste of food, which is not good for the fetus, and it is better to be light."

Hot and sour powder, hot and sour people are still endless, especially for mothers with poor appetite in the early pregnancy, they are very attractive and unbearable.However, it is not recommended to eat too much spicy food during pregnancy, and occasionally solve it once.

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