Those things about taking the ring

The last time I mentioned the things of the loop, I got the attention of many fans. Today I want to talk about the ring.The ring removal refers to the birthday of women who intend to get pregnant or should be put into the uterus. They have reached the prescribed years. They need to go to the hospital to take it out in time to prevent the ring from deforming or failure in the uterus.

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First, menstruation, can I not take the ring?

Can’t.Regardless of the "ring", there is a period of use. The expired birthplaces will lose their medicinal properties, some stents are eclipsed and broken, and contraceptives cannot be played. Once pregnant, it will be conceived with a ring.If the ring is not taken out in time after menopause, it is very dangerous.After menopause, the uterus gradually shrinks, the palace body becomes smaller, and the breeding ring is relatively large.When it is located outside the uterus, it will hurt other organs in the pelvic abdominal cavity.

2. Who needs to take the ring?

1. Those who need to be replaced during the expiration of the birthplace. The copper wire T-shaped ring is generally placed for 5-7 years, and the metal ring is generally placed for 20 years.

2. Women who intend to get pregnant.

3. Within 1 year of menopause during the menstrual period, the ring is taken prematurely and may be pregnant again. Too late, the breeding ring deforms and embedded in the atrophic uterine cavity, which stimulates the uterus, causing discomfort such as abdominal pain, bleeding, and infection.

4. Use other contraceptive methods or sterilization.

5. After the loop is put, there are irregular vaginal bleeding, a large amount of menstrual flow, increased leucorrhea, and abdominal pain, etc., when the treatment is invalid.

6. Bringing the ring, the birth ring loses the contraceptive effect.

7. Deformation, broken, abnormal, and incarceration of the birthplace.

3. When is it better to take a ring?

1. Women of childbearing age can reduce bleeding within 3 to 7 days after menstruation is clean.

2. After menopause, women can take the ring at any time.

3. Women who have a ring of pregnancy can take the ring at the same time as the pedestrian surgery.

4. When uterine abnormal bleeding, take the ring at any time, doctorate the diagnosis of the uterine curettage, and tissue pathological examination to eliminate endometrial lesions.

It is worth noting that before the ring is taken, the specific location of the X -ray perspective or "B" ultrasonic inspection must be performed, and the ring can be taken in the case of surgical taboos such as inflammation of reproductive tract.

4. What are the precautions after taking the ring?

1. Pay attention to rest after taking the ring to avoid severe activities;

2. Do not have sex within two weeks after taking the ring, and do not take a bath to prevent inflammation from infection.

3. After the ring is taken, the lower abdomen discomfort may occur, and the vaginal bleeding can be used because the ring stimulates the endometrium and the cervix.This situation usually disappears after a few days.If fever, abdominal pain, and bleeding more, you must go to the doctor in time;

4. If a woman does not intend to get pregnant before menopause, choose other contraceptive methods after taking the ring.

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