Those things in the delivery room: pregnant women’s syphilis antibody positive, but request a doctor to keep confidential

One afternoon half a year ago, when the outpatient clinic was about to get off work, a young pregnant woman had no registration and quietly came to my clinic and asked timidly: "Doctor, can I consult something?"

I looked at the computer and had no patients to be clinic. I asked, "This is the obstetric clinic, are you hanging the obstetric outpatient number?"

The pregnant woman whispered: "I just want to consult."

I looked at the appearance of a pregnant woman. There should be any hidden hiddenness. There was just no patient, so I asked her to sit down.

"Are you pregnant? Is there any problem, let’s say." I said.

The pregnant woman hesitated for a while, and said with a small voice: "Doctor, I have suffered from syphilis and had been treated, and the doctor said that there is no problem. But I am pregnant now, and I want to ask if it will affect the child?"

"I grew up two years ago, but I went to a regular hospital for treatment. After the treatment, I reviewed it last year and this year. The doctor said that he was cured. But I am pregnant now, I am afraid that I will have an impact on my child.Will the situation be infected with children? "The young pregnant woman said.

Then I further asked, and learned that the pregnant woman was 26 years old. She was just married early this year. She was pregnant shortly after marriage.The matter of suffering from syphilis was before knowing the husband. The husband did not know. Because the illness had been cured, he didn’t want to let the husband know.But now I am pregnant. Seeing that women who have suffered from syphilis on the Internet can be transmitted to the children even if they are treated. She is very worried, so today a person "secretly" look at the doctor.

Then I looked at her pregnancy test during pregnancy. After pregnancy, I did ultrasound twice. The most recent one was just done in the outer hospital 2 days ago.

After reading her examination, I said: "It depends on whether it has an impact, you must check a test of syphilis serum, not only syphilis, but other infectious diseases must be checked to evaluate."

"Can you not check it?" The pregnant woman asked.

"No, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, and HIV are the must -check items during pregnancy. Regular pregnancy examination doctors will definitely check it. Even if you do not check during pregnancy, you must check it when you are hospitalized.It is related to your health and is more related to the health of the fetus and your husband, so you must check it. "I said.

"Then my examination, can you keep secret?" The pregnant woman asked.

Then I told her that if it was indeed cured infected diseases, protecting the privacy of patients is also the obligation of doctors.But if it is infectious disease during the activity period, the person who has close contact with you has the right to know, because it is also related to the health of others.

After that, I explained the harm of infectious diseases. In the end, she agreed to do a examination of infectious diseases.

"Can I fix your outpatient clinic in the future?" The pregnant woman asked.

I said, "Of course, so, let’s get off work now. The examination of infectious diseases can no longer be done. You can come again next week’s clinic. Let’s check it all."

Fortunately, pregnant women did not lie. After examination, syphilis has indeed been cured.This situation will not be transmitted to others, and it will not affect the fetus, which means that it can live normally in the future.

However, patients who have suffered from syphilis are very tangled, that is, once "syphilis" has been suffered, regardless of cure or not, generally "syphilis serum antibody" will be positivePatients with syphilis), so as long as you check this, the doctor will know that you are a syphilis patient or have suffered from syphilis.

A few days ago, the pregnant woman reached the due date. For various reasons, the pregnant woman chose a cesarean section to give birth.The surgery was smooth and the fetus was healthy. When the nurse took the child beside the pregnant woman, the pregnant woman kept crying.

There are many more stories of everyone in the delivery room, no matter what the story you originally had, I hope you will be happy in the future.

It is not uncommon for syphilis. It is a common type of sexually transmitted diseases. I believe everyone is no stranger.The "certain department" hospitals that are popular in the north and south of the river are now the home where the treatment of sex diseases.

In fact, syphilis is not as horrible as everyone thinks. As long as treatment is found in time, it can be cured.Of course, the premise of treatment is to go to a regular public hospital for treatment. Do not choose an irregular private hospital for "face".After all, the body is much more important than "face".The performance of specific syphilis, everyone "Baidu" will no longer explain in detail here.

If pregnant women merge syphilis, it will seriously affect fetal health.Like the patient who is already cured before pregnancy, there is no need to treat it after pregnancy.

If the activity period is found after pregnancy, it is not cured, and the treatment must be treated, and the newborn after childbirth also needs preventive treatment in order to minimize the fetal complications.

The process of breeding life is full of hope,

Willing to retain this best memory in life with our joint efforts;

The process of breeding life is full of thorns,

I would like to help you through our strong hands through this extraordinary path!

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