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The magic of life is that you don’t know what the next moment you will be.The initial moment of life -what kind of state will be in fertilized eggs, and the mission of TA is completed?

Fertilization process

What form is the egg waiting for sperm?

In the age of childbearing age, a mature egg is expelled every month, and the ovulation date is about 14 days before the next menstrual tide.After the ovaries are discharged from the ovaries, they are immediately sucked into the fallopian tube by the fallopian tube umbrella, and the belly of the fallopian tube pot is waiting for the sperm.

There are so many sperm, there is only one egg, how does competitiveness come?

Men’s semen contains about 10 to 300 million sperm. This huge "team" is "scrambled" in the female reproductive tract.Sperm swings against its tail and swims at a speed of 2-3 mm per minute. After a long "journey"-after the vagina, cervix, and uterine cavity, only dozens to 200 sperm can reach the fallopian tube, and and and and and and.The eggs will close.

How long does it take to combine the ejaculation?

The fertilization process takes about 24 hours.

Sperm can survive in female fallopian tubes for 1-3 days, and eggs can survive for about 1 day.

Sperm and eggs meet in the belly of the fallopian tube pot. At this time, a group of sperm surrounds the eggs. After obtaining the sperm, the head of the sperm is the topdical enzyme to dissolve the radiation crown and transparent belt around the egg. In the endNew cells, this cell is called fertilized eggs or pregnancy, this process is called fertilization.

How does the fertilized egg move to the uterus?

The fertilized eggs absorb nutrients and oxygen from the liquid secreted by the fallopian tube, and constantly divide the cells, split at about 12 hours.

At the same time, the fertilized eggs gradually moved towards the uterine cavity, and the fertilized eggs were contracted to the uterus by the fallopian tube. Many of the cilia in the inner wall of the fallopian tube continued to promote the liquid in the tube, and it also auxiliary effects on transporting fertilized eggs.

After 3-4 days, the fertilized eggs have developed into an entity with multiple cells when they reach the uterine cavity. The shape is like mulberry, so it is called mulberry embryo.About 9th day when the eggs were separated from the oval cells, the embryo drilled into the endometrium of the uterine and grew up.


Do you start to bed immediately after the combination of essence?Still need a period of time?

After the fertilization, I started to bed at about 6-8, and it was completed until 11-12D.Generally, the back wall of the uterine body is slightly more than the front wall, and the middle line is more than the side wall.

What is the process of bed?

One end of the fertilized egg is close to the endometrium, and an enzyme that breaks the protease of protease immediately, dissolved the endometrium of the uterine, and forms a gap of about 1 mm in diameter.The bubbles are buried into the endometrium from the gap. The epithelium gap is quickly repaired, and the settlement of the bubbles is completed.This process is Mediced as the implantation or implantation of fertilized eggs.

How many days can the whole bed be completed?

Generally speaking, starting from the combination of essence, you can complete the fertilized eggs in about ten days, and then start to grow and develop in the uterus.

What is the specific process?

On the first day of pregnancy: a small number of sperm passes through the cervix and arrives at the uterine cavity within 1 hour.The life starts from here. In the next 266 days, the baby will develop in your uterus.

On the second day of pregnancy: The first cell division will occur today, and your baby develops safely.

On the third day of pregnancy: fertilized eggs have gone through 3 to 4 divisions.At this time, the split growth of cells depends on the nutrition in the eggs.

On the fourth day of pregnancy: While the fertilized eggs are divided, due to the movement of fallopian tube cilia and muscle, it gradually moves towards the uterus. After fertilization, it reaches the uterine cavity 4 to 5 days after fertilization, and then stays in the cavity for 3 to 4 days.

On the fifth day of pregnancy: Today’s fertilized eggs have undergone important changes, preparing to be implanted in the uterus.

Sixth and seven days of pregnancy: fertilized eggs are adhered to your uterine mucosa and prepare to bed.

On the eighth day of pregnancy: the implantation process started.The embryo drilled into the uterine mucosa, so you may have some faint bleeding, and the bed is mostly 1/3 of the uterus.Day 9 of pregnancy: The implantation of fertilized eggs is completed until today.The embryonic growth is very fast, but it is too early to determine the early pregnancy test.

On the tenth day of pregnancy: The first function of the development of the baby is his cardiovascular system. A week before your menstruation was delayed, the baby’s heart had begun to beat.

On the eleventh day of pregnancy: At the implantation of fertilized eggs, the placenta starts to form, and the blood from your circulation system starts to circulate in the placenta.

What are the conditions to have such complexity?

1.The ovaries discharge normal eggs.

2.The semen is normal and contains normal sperm.

3. Eggs and sperm can meet in the fallopian tube and combine it into fertilized eggs.

4.The fertilized eggs were successfully transported into the uterine cavity.

5.The endometrium is fully prepared for beds that are suitable for fertilized eggs.

Any abnormal one in the above link can hinder conception.

What are the symptoms of bed?

The nipples have tenderness, and sometimes they may feel a cold and fatigue.

Is the fertilized egg bed, is bleeding normal?

During the whole bed, some people will have bleeding, but the blood of the blood is mostly pink, just like when menstruation just comes to the tide.Domestic abortion, seek medical treatment in time.

What is bed to cool down?

In bed to cool down, ovulation day is a low temperature day, entering the high temperature area after ovulation, the luteal life is 14 days, so it will always maintain a high temperature period of about 12 days.In between, the body temperature dropped suddenly, and the body temperature rose significantly the next day. This sudden low temperature was to cool down in bed.

Is it necessary to measure the cooling in bed?

It is not sure if everyone has a bed to cool down, but when your high temperature period has passed 16 days and entered 18 days, then you can almost be sure that you are pregnant.

How many days are there in bed?

Generally speaking, the cooling of the bed refers to the temperature fall of a certain day.

What is the reason why the bed cools down but has no pregnancy?

Women’s reproductive hormones are more complicated and are always changing, so the basal body temperature fluctuates.The basic body temperature of normal women is based on ovulation day, showing a state of low front and high, which is the so -called bipolar temperature.

However, there are also many women who are not sensitive to the reflection of progesterone in body temperature regulating center, and have never measured a regular change in body temperature.Therefore, ovulation cannot be determined through body temperature.

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