Three minutes of painless pain, which made them pain for half a lifetime

The youth film is accustomed to it, and the street advertisements are rampant.The flow of people seems to be far away from us, and it seems to be by our side.The artificial abortion technology developed in the 1960s was once regarded as a symbol of women’s power.What is the real flow of people?What does it mean for women?In this issue of hard core board for 7 minutes, the truth of the flow of people we never saw.

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What is the most common bridge in domestic youth films?

I said it was an abortion, should no one have an opinion?

However, abortion, or artificial abortion, is not as simple as "youth pain" at all.Maybe most people in front of the screen do not know how much damage it will bring to women.

According to the WHO data, more than 56 million people in the world undergo artificial abortion surgery every year. Among them, the number of people in China accounted for one -sixths of the world, more than 9.5 million.Artificial abortion figures made by the clinic.

01 people flow more terrible than you think

① How common is artificial abortion surgery

A study of the status quo of domestic abortion states that more than one -fifth of women in China have experienced at least once in their lives.Among them, 50%of those under the age of 24, and a total of 15%of minor student groups.

② Drug abortion and surgical abortion and physiological damage

In addition to the quantity, the principle behind artificial abortion, and the damage it may cause women, it is even more surprising.

Artificial abortion can be roughly classified as two categories: drug abortion and surgical abortion.The principle is to clean up the embryos that were originally attached to the inner wall of the uterus.

The drug flow seems simple, but the implementation of the drug flow not only ensures that the embryo develops within 7 weeks and has no ectopic pregnancy, and the success rate is only about 80 %.

Although surgery can be avoided, while taking medicine to block children to absorb nutrients and cause embryo misuming falling off, the uterus will also spasm and contraction.

This process is accompanied by unbearable abdominal pain. The drug flow may also cause persistent bleeding. If it is not well handled, it will cause reproductive system infections.

Once it fails, it will face the "Qing Palace", which is equivalent to the abortion and abortion of the drug.

Therefore, many people will choose an operation abortion at the beginning.According to the growth cycle and development of the fetus, the abortion of surgical is also divided into several types.

The fetus from 5 to 13 weeks usually uses scraping.The surgical equipment extends from the cervical mouth, and uses 20 times the suction of the home vacuum cleaner to suck away the fetus in the uterus.After the straw is removed, it should be gently scraped on the inner wall of the uterus with a scraper to ensure no embryo residue.

The fetus from 5 to 6 months needs to be expanded.Two days before surgery, you need to stuff dry sea and grass sticks on the cervix of expectant mothers. Only when they are fully expanded and the cervix mouth is large enough can the fetus be taken out smoothly.The doctor will use the clear palace pliers to tear the fetus’s limbs from the trunk.At this time, the fetus has been fully developed.

The fetus for more than 7 months has basically been formed. At this time, it needs to be induced. First, the fetus will die quickly from the abdomen of the pregnant woman, and then use the same method to remove the fetal limbs.

Although the publicity of "painless people" on the market is everywhere, the process of painless flow of people has no sensation, and the damage to the body has not decreased at all, which may still lead to various complications.

For example, the injury to the endometrium of the abortion may lead to infertility or habitual abortion; surgery may cause tubal clogging, thereby causing ectopic pregnancy and internal bleeding.

③ Psychological damage

The physical trauma is tangible, but the invisible psychological injury has become a nightmare that many women are difficult to get rid of.

The two main psychological problems that women may face after artificial abortion are anxiety and depression, accompanied by post -traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A study on the risk factors of stress after abortion showed that more than 30 % of women suffered from PTSD after artificial abortion, and they would repeatedly feel guilty and irritable, self -criticism, and self -hatred.

On the other hand, stress from society will also make it difficult for women to have an emotional vent of emotional venting channels, but they will fall into a deep sense of "illness."

American scholars pointed out in 2013 that artificial abortion women are degraded into "bad girls or fallen women", and such people have never been fully recognized and accepted by society.

The "stigma" of artificial abortion has led women to unable to obtain the need for social emotional support. In order to avoid the accusations of society, they are also inclined to choose informal institutions for "unsafe abortion".Essence

Fortunately, the psychological health problems of abortion women have attracted attention.

In September 2011, 4 units including the China Women’s Development Foundation jointly launched the "Caring for Iraqi, PAC) projects after abortion, and promoting the knowledge of contraception to women and their spouses or male partners who carried out abortion, and helped them help themChoose high -efficiency contraceptive measures that are suitable for you and can be implemented in time to avoid the dangers of repeated abortion.The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University has been listed in November 2014 to become a "PAC Quality Service Hospital", providing more high -quality artificial abortion care services for more women of childbearing age.Contraceptive consultation clinic.

Twenty -thousand thousand women’s pain behind the pain

① The cost of decaying concept

What I have talked about just now is the aftermath of the operation, but the root cause of the abortion surgery is actually the stigma of "sex".

In the concepts of many people, "sex" is still hidden, shameful, and should not be discussed publicly. Some people even think that the more "ignorance" in this regard, the more "simple".Sexual education is a difficult thing.

As Li Yinhe once said: "There is no shortage of sexual talk in modern society in our country, but few people talk correctly."

In 2017, some schools used the "Cherish Life -Primary School Student Health Education Readers" written by the Northern Normal University Sexual Education Research Team as the textbook of sex education, but parents questioned the content sensitivity and too much. Later, the school was forced to be forced to be forcedThe book was recovered, and this set of textbooks also got off the shelves.

Parents are concealed with sex, and the school avoids sexuality, which leads to extreme lack of sex education.Many people make a vulgar joke, and they do n’t know about scientific physiological knowledge and correct contraceptive measures.

Young people can only sneak into sexual knowledge. Posting bar forums, film and television works, and street advertisements have become the channels for young and ignorant boys and girls. Various unreliable contraceptive methods are endless.

In 2017, a contraceptive survey conducted by the China Women’s Development Foundation showed that 18.8%of people believed that it was absolutely safe for men to ejaculate or terminate ejaculation, and 13.5%believed that sexual behavior was absolutely safe during safety.5.5%of people think that men do not reach orgasm, and women will not get pregnant. 3.7%of people think that when sexual behavior occurs, shower immediately will not be pregnant.

The seemingly "ridiculous" survey results reflect our huge loopholes in sex education.

In addition, the youth films full of abortion surgery and small advertisements full of people with electric poles have also influenced people’s understanding of people.

It is convenient, no pain, no affecting life … Many people have an illusion of "nothing to get pregnant, just have a small surgery".

According to the survey, 86%of female teenagers will eventually choose an artificial abortion after accidental pregnancy.

Artificial abortion was a last resort after the accident, but many people should be regarded as some kind of contraceptive method.

So, what are the real scientific and effective contraceptive methods?

At present, the main contraceptive methods can be roughly divided into "men’s use" and "female use".

The most common among men’s use is condoms. If they can persist and use it correctly, the efficiency can reach 98%.Another common is the vastrus tube ligation. This method is not 100%effective, and some men are also dedicated to this.

Women’s contraceptive methods include women’s contraceptives, emergency contraceptives, and in -palaces.

Women’s condoms are not common, but they basically have no side effects, and the correct efficiency of correctly use exceeds 95%;

Emergency contraceptives need to be taken as soon as possible within 12 hours after sexual behavior. If it exceeds 36 hours, the contraceptive effect will be greatly reduced.However, contraceptives may bring side effects such as abdominal pain and nausea.

The intra -palace birthpool, which is the "birthplace" mentioned by our previous videos, will cause greater stimulation to women’s bodies, and even cause vaginal bleeding, uterine spasm and pelvic infection.

② The importance of sex education

How to avoid harm to women as much as possible to women, correct and timely sex education is the only strategy of response.

Sexual education allows young people to correctly understand and understand, so as to learn to better protect themselves.

Some people may feel that public talk will cause children to have sex earlier, but research shows that sex education can delay the initial time of time and reduce the number of sexual partners.

In terms of contraception, it is not a way to solve the problem.

Swedish sex education starts from kindergarten and has formed a complete teaching system.Data show that since the launch of school education, the phenomenon of pregnancy and artificial abortion in Sweden has decreased significantly.

Families, schools, communities, and media in the Netherlands will popularize sex education, and people can easily obtain relevant information.Therefore, the non -willing pregnancy rate and abortion rate in the Netherlands are one of the lowest countries in the world.

Sex has never been a flood beast, and the shame and fear of sex.

In modern society where science and technology are relatively backward, similar to "oral rice oil", "stuffing foreign bodies into the uterus", and "beating abdomen", there are endless flow of people, which also causes huge harm to women’s bodies.

When modern abortion surgery first appeared, it brought a relatively safe and reliable choice to women, but this progress has now become harmful to women.

The flow of people is not the end of pain, but the beginning of a long torture.

How to avoid this damage, maybe the first step is to face up and understand "sex"; and for girls who choose people in helplessness, what we can do is not slander and prejudice, but understanding and care.

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