Three reasons for pregnant women to eat probiotics

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We often hear people say that women’s medication should be cautious during pregnancy and breastfeeding women, and many pills also say on pregnancy and lactating women disabled. This is common sense that many people know, but probiotics can be given to thisTwo people are used!

When it comes to probiotics, everyone will first think that it can regulate gastrointestinal function for the elderly or enhance their resistance for children.But in fact, for the two special periods of "pregnancy" and "breastfeeding", probiotics also have many unexpected effects.Let’s take a look at the reason for eating probiotics during pregnancy:

1. Probiotics can reduce the chance of gestational diabetes

With the improvement of people’s living standards and increased obesity rate, the incidence of gestational diabetes (GDM) has also increased.Gestational diabetes is very harmful to both maternal and infants: it may lead to excessive amniotic fluid, premature birth, and severe or even endangering baby life.

"British Nutritional Magazine" has proven that Professor Erika Isolauri of Turku University of Finland conducted a test. 256 women were randomly divided into 3 groups (diet intervention, placebo, probiotic)Among them, only 13 pregnant women who took probiotics had gestational hyperglycemia during pregnancy, and in comparison, the high blood sugar phenomenon of the other two groups reached about 36.This experiment not only shows that it is 100 % safe for pregnant women to take probiotic supplements, but also fully proves the prevention effect of probiotics on gestational diabetes.

2. Probiotics can effectively prevent "gynecological inflammation"

When there are gynecological inflammation, some doctors will prescribe antibiotics for patients, but they have little effect, and they often use antibiotics, which will repeatedly destroy the constraints between vaginal flora, leading to strong fungal growth.The reason why gynecological inflammation is difficult to recur is that this is because the drugs have "suppressed" the germs to some extent, they have not completely eradicated them!Take probiotics, which helps to protect the vaginal flora balance, reduce the opportunity of Candida infection, and avoid the occurrence and recurrence of gynecological inflammation to a certain extent.

3. Probiotics can prevent "hemorrhoids and constipation" during pregnancy

Due to inconvenience of women during pregnancy, there are few exercise due to inconvenience. Since you do not like to move, the gastrointestinal and intestines are too lazy to move, and then the gastrointestinal peristalsis will become slower, which is easy to cause constipation.Fundamental changes will increase a lot of progesterone, relaxin, etc., making the vascular expansion, which is more likely to cause congestion, tension and expansion, which will cause hemorrhoids.

The healthy intestinal flora environment can accelerate the digestion and decomposition of food, and then effectively prevent and relieve constipation.Therefore, since the beginning of pregnancy, adherence to taking probiotic supplements every day is very effective for preventing constipation during pregnancy and hemorrhoids.

In summary, the role of probiotics on pregnant women is beyond your imagination.Since the beginning of pregnancy, foods that can be taken in probiotics or related to proliferation can greatly improve the overall health level of pregnant women to prevent the occurrence of various pregnancy diseases.Strong health foundation.

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