Tiangongyuan Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital 2019 File Raiders

Beijing Tsinghua Changgeng Hospital is a new affiliated hospital of Tsinghua University. It is the 22nd public comprehensive hospital under the jurisdiction of the Beijing Hospital Management Bureau. It is jointly established by Tsinghua University and Beijing. Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital is a third -level hospital.

1. Tsinghua Chang Geng Medical Insurance Number

Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital is a third -level hospital. Therefore, social security in Beijing needs to change the designated hospital. The medical insurance number is: 21110130.

2. Tsinghua Chang Geng’s archive quota

A natural monthly month and the second half of the Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital, there are 60 sets of files every half a month.

3. Tsinghua Chang Geng File File Process

In the end of June 12, 2019, I was pregnant on July 17th. At that time, I was struggling where to build files, private or public, how to choose public hospitals?Later, I consulted my friends and considering the location of the home (North Seven Family), and finally decided to go to Tsinghua Chang Geng to build files.The advantages are as follows: there are relatively few people, they can be painless, her husband can accompany the birth, and the doctor has a good attitude.Disadvantages: The third level is not a three -metal.

114 Reservations until the afternoon of July 26, and did not go to work on the same day. At less than 8 o’clock, the hospital was at 8:30 in the morning. After the doctor arrived, I asked if the number could be added.A doctors have a particularly good attitude and add a number, but notify that it may take a long time.After waiting at 10:30, I went in to see the doctor. The doctor said that it has been discontinued for 46 days. There is no need to test the blood. Do B -ultrasound directly to confirm whether there is a fetal heart bud.Tsinghua Chang Geng B ultrasound confirmed whether pregnancy is all overcast.Take the B -ultrasound, go to the nurse station to make an appointment for B ultrasound time. You can only make an appointment to B -ultrasound at 1:30 pm that day, so he decided to go home for lunch and passed in the afternoon.

At about 13:10 in the afternoon, I went to the hospital. On the first floor, there were special obstetrics and gynecology B -ultrasound examination rooms. In the future, the B -ultrasound was buckled on the basket at the door. After the doctor arrived, she would collect the list and wait for the doctor to callThe name is good.At about 13:35, the doctor called the name and went in to do the B -ultrasound. The process was not detailed. Soon, it was done in less than 5 minutes.Go to a layer of obstetrics clinics, submit the registration order to the small window of the department, and continue to wait for the doctor to call.The afternoon was Dr. Liu. After watching the B -ultrasound, he said that he was pregnant. After verifying the due date, there was a place where they could build a file.So asked me if my mother and child had a health manual?At that time, he hadn’t got the mother and child health manual, so he took the B -ultrasound, and quickly drove to the North Qijia Community Health Service Center.

The North Qi Community Health Service Center was on Dingsi Road. When I got to the doctor, I showed the identity cards of both parties, marriage certificate, my household registration book, B -ultrasound to the doctor, and entered some information, and the mother and child health manual was done.

After driving back to the hospital, I took the mother and child health manual and went in to see the doctor. I opened a bunch of orders. The cost was roughly more than 2,400 yuan, including ECG, bone density, HPV examination, gynecological micro ecology, blood routine, urine routine, thyroid and other examinations.These inspections are necessary to do files, there is no room for bargaining.After the ECG, bone density, HPV, gynecological micro -ecological examination, the nurse on duty informed that on July 27th to take an empty blood drawing for the other examination, and at the same time helped make an appointment on the afternoon of July 29 to find the obstetrician to see the test results (exceptHPV takes a month to produce results, and the rest of the results are fast), and the number of nutritionists on the morning of July 30 is appointment.It is one of the must -see processes for a nutritionist to see the file. Without this process, it is impossible to build files.

On July 27th, the morning empty stomach was about 7:50 to the hospital. It takes about 20-30 minutes to queue up the blood queue. There are still many people on the weekend of Chang Geng Hospital. Those who need to draw blood must go early.After pumping a total of 8 tubes, you can go home after drawing.

On the afternoon of July 29, I took all the results of the previous inspection and looked at the doctor. There were no major problems. The doctor gave NT examination.March 4th.Here is a reminder that Tsinghua Chang Geng generally needs to register by himself, because doctors are only responsible for opening a checklist. The B ultrasound time needs to go to the nurse station to make an appointment. Generally, it is registered at the time of B.You can download the Tsinghua Chang Geng APP. On the 24th of each month, you can make an appointment for the entire month of the next month. If you are not so nervous, you can basically hang it, that is, you may not see the same doctor every time.

On the morning of July 30, looking at the nutritionist, the main thing is to tell how to eat and what to eat during pregnancy.After reading, you can go to the place where the check -up information is entered, and receive the file of the files. Pregnant women listen to the class (the whole pregnancy must be held 4 times for pregnant women’s classroom, each time it will be stamped, which will affect the subsequent birth certification.)The entire construction process is over.

4. Personal feelings

The overall feeling of Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital is still very good. Because the hospital was established shortly, the facilities were relatively new, and the corridors would not be narrow like the Trina Hospital in the city. The bathroom was dirty.

Although Tsinghua Changgeng is a third -level hospital, obstetricians have been scheduled from various three hospitals, and their strength is not bad.

Tsinghua Changgeng’s higher -level hospital is the Jishui Tan Huilong Guanyuan District and the People’s Hospital of Peking University. It has limited ability to deal with difficulty and miscellaneous diseases. It can take the green channel transfer hospital. It is more suitable for pregnant mothers who have better physical and chronic diseases.

The above is the sharing process of the archives of Chang Geng Hospital. Generally speaking, this hospital is still very popular. Everyone wants to go to the file for 5-6 weeks. It is relatively large.Of course, after verifying the due date, it is estimated that it cannot be built for a day.

The subsequent production inspections will be added one after another, and those who like it will follow me!

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