Tissile blood sorting 15 pregnant women can use skin care products!It’s all easy to use!You can also be exquisite fairy during pregnancy

Summary 20 pregnant women can use skin care products!Let you be a delicate fairy during pregnancy ~ Given that there are more things, you will not be blind!Start your lecture directly!


Basic Moisturizing Chapter


1. Fulfangsi

This one can also be considered a net red facial cleanser. It is also a old amino acid facial cleanser that the roommate recommended me when I was in school.Facial milk is very mild to use.

2. Kerun moisturizing cleansing foam

This one is very comfortable to use, and the feeling of washing is gentle. It is a dry -skinned amino acid cleansing bubble. The taste is also a faint medicine. Pregnant mothers who are not serious in pregnancy have nothing to do with it.

① water milk

1. Moisturizing set of tender Fu acid

When preparing for pregnancy, I did a lot of homework. I saw that their family style review was quite good, so I tried it.

To put it on the ground, Nenfu’s water milk is indeed the best skin in the water and milk I use. After painting, the face is tender and tender, very transparent ~ the texture is between the essence and water, which is clear.The popularity is super strong, and it will be dynamic.

After the night was applied, the skin was in good condition, white and tender!

2. The mom`s Dianma water milk

From the ingredients, it is relatively safe and non -added, and the texture is relatively refreshing. I will have a little sticky with my face, with aloe vera extract, which can soothe the skin.Intersection

② cream

1. Repair Cream

After using it, the skin is very stable, the ingredients are quite safe ~ The moisturizing strength is also quite good, the oily and long -lasting, it really has good protection for the dry sensitive skin during pregnancy.

2. Ke Runwun, moisturizing and nourishing cream

Japan COSME Awards Cream first,

It is developed for sensitive and dry skin. Sensitive mothers with dry skin and thin skin with red blood wire can try.The texture is a bit like white cheese. It turns open in one touch, and the face does not need to be greasy.

3. Shiseido Baiyou Cream

Baiyou Cream is a mid -to -high -end skin care product under Shiseido. It can be regarded as a level with Yuewei. Of course, Jimei during pregnancy can also be used with confidence. There is no taboos in pregnant women. It is safe and gentle. It is also very suitable for dry skin girls.

③ mask

1. Nenfu folic acid without fragrant high moisturizing mask

The German high -end pregnant women brand, the ingredients are very safe.

The whole cotton has an organic cotton membrane cloth, which is stronger than the general membrane cloth.

The biggest feeling after I use this mask is: Apply your face in a week will not be done!

I have to say it, easy to use, really fragrant!

2. Anmier mask

The Japanese pregnant women brand, the mask 0 adds ingredients, the safety factor is quite high.

Sky blue outer packaging, at first glance, it is small and fresh ~ very hearty.It is a fragrance -free mask, which is very suitable for pregnant mothers with high pregnancy reactions.The membrane cloth feels very soft, the water content is very high, and the essence can be hung on it!

④ eye cream

1. Daike Eye Cream

Japanese brand!A very basic eye cream in Da Ke’s family is moisturizing and antioxidant.White gel -like, hydrated texture.The upper eye is very moist and comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about heavy or long fat particles, light and easy to absorb.

2. L’Oreal Eye Cream

Net red eye cream!Qi Wei has also shared it!The texture is white cream -like. After pushing it, it is translucent. It absorbs it after a while. It is easy to push away. The moisturizing effect is okay.Big in the L’Oreal patent, Fugolin, and black tea extracts. These three ingredients can activate collagen cells to promote collagen new life, make the skin moisturize, and lighten the fine lines.

⑤ Lipstick

1. Ke Lip Planted

Ke Run’s products have always focused on mild and non -irritating. Without pregnant mothers taboo components, absolutely the necessary choice for sensitive pregnant mothers.It’s easy to paint, it will not feel tearing, and there is no feeling of oil, it is still easy to absorb!

2. Yiquan soothe repair lip balm

Yiquan is a brand of protecting brand in France. There are many Jimei in Xiaohongshu grass. Her lip balm is really easy to use. She often uses it to compare HHH with Ke Run

This lip balm focuses on repairing, which is very suitable for the fairy who is dry or lipitis during pregnancy.

1. Youjia sunscreen

A brand of Switzerland, the old model has not had a new version of the effect before ~

After the face, the mold is fast, and there is a certain skin brightening effect. The main way of physical sunscreen is more secure and gentle than me during pregnancy ~

2. Fang Ke sunscreen

Fang Ke is the largest non -added brand in Japan. It does not contain preservatives, does not contain mineral oil, and does not contain alcohol. It is safe for pregnant mothers.

The texture is light and breathable, it is easy to push away and not greasy. It can be well integrated to the skin. Even in the hot summer, it will not cause a burden on the skin ~

Finally, I want to say that skin care and makeup can be explained in one sentence or two sentences.

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