To do these five small things, you can also "block" mold vaginitis, try it

Linlin is 25 years old. He usually pays great attention to personal health and changes his underwear every day.And there is no sexual life, but under such a focus on the health of private parts, it still suffers from mold vaginitis from time to time.

And it is easy to recur after the treatment, which makes Lin Lin miserable. Every time she goes to the gynecological clinic, she feels embarrassed. It feels like others are looking at themselves with strange eyes …

Do not wash your hands after you stood: Fake silk yeast will not only be parasitic in women’s vagina, but also exist in the oral and anus. Therefore, if you do not wash your hands and do not clean your hands.Inflammation recurred.

Wearing tight pants: Long -term wearing tight pants will cause the private parts to be in an impermeable environment. This will undoubtedly provide a good breeding bed for bacterial reproduction, and the chance of suffering from fungal vaginitis will naturally increase.

Abuse of antibiotics: In life, many people suffer from small diseases and choose to use antibiotics and anti -inflammatory drugs for treatment.

Decrease in immunity: In the case of decreased body immunity, it is easier to induce your own infection, which will cause vaginal infection bacteria to cause vaginitis;

Diabetes: Women with poor blood glucose control, normal parasitic fake silk yeast is easy to reproduce in large quantities, and it is more likely to develop vaginitis.

When infected with mold vaginitis, a series of abnormalities will appear in the body. If you have the following symptoms, you must pay attention to it.

1. vaginal burning

After suffering from fungal vaginitis, the patient will have a vaginal burning sensation.Especially after urination, the burning sensation will be stronger, and some severe patients will experience symptoms of urination pain and pain in the same room.

2. Itching

Itching in private parts is also a typical symptom of mold vaginitis. Itching caused by mold is more obvious than trichomonas vaginitis.Women with severe symptoms will seriously affect daily life, and there is a phenomenon of restlessness and difficulty sleeping.

3. Redness of vulva

Mooblast vaginitis is not treated in time, which will cause symptoms such as redness and edema in the vulva, and some women will have blisters -like pimples.

4. Lands abnormal

Protochor abnormalities are one of the typical symptoms of mold vaginitis. Patients will experience leucorrhea abnormalities, with tofu dregs, block -like leucorrhea, and the number of leucorrhea will increase significantly.

5. Local erosion

Women with severe vaginitis in some mold will have slices of eczema erosion ulcers. Such patients are very serious, which will cause patients with red and erosion on the surface of the patient’s skin and local lymph swelling.

Women should pay attention to cleaning their underwear alone in daily life, so that the underwear is cleaned alone, and they must be replaced daily.After the underwear is cleaned, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry environment for drying.

Pay attention to daily cleaning private parts, just use water, do not use cleaning products.Some cleaning products will destroy the acid -base balance of the private parts, which can easily lead to the invasion of germs and cause gynecological diseases.

During pregnancy, women’s chances of suffering from fungal vaginitis will also increase, so women should pay more attention to preventing mold vaginitis during pregnancy.Pay attention to keeping the private parts hygienic and avoiding sedentary for a long time.

When you go out, pay attention to cultivating a good sanitation awareness. Private products should pay attention to protection. It is recommended not to use the shared bathtub. The toilet should be put on the toilet paper before using it.

The choice of underwear is also learned. Don’t choose dark or chemical panties. Women’s underwear is recommended to wear light -colored, cotton underwear. This material’s underwear has a good breathability and is good for the health of the private parts.

For women, it is necessary to protect the health of private parts.Because once you have a gynecological disease, you will have a significant impact on your life. The best way is to "stifle in the cradle in time."

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