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In the summer, it means that the weather is starting to be hot.There are "small summer heats, steaming and cooking".Since then, my country has entered the season with the most thunderstorms, and the weather will become more and more sultry and humid.

In the small summer, the human body is too strong, the qi and blood and the fluid are metabolized too fast, and the body is in an overload state, which is particularly important for physical conditioning.


The characteristics of summer are long time, and the dawn is early and dark.Therefore, people should make some corresponding adjustments with the time of living and work. The daily schedule should be regular. It is advisable to get up early and get up early, and it is best to sleep regularly. It can protect the biological clock without being affected.

In addition, three meals and exercise, brain, and leisure time should be clear.In addition to ensuring adequate sleep, you must also pay attention to the combination of work and rest. You must master the strength during exercise to avoid excessive strength.

Mental affectionate

After entering the summer heat, the weather is hot, it is easy to make people irritable, emotional instability, and even anger, hurting, and sadness.It is advisable to use "quietness", and the heart is natural and cold.


The small summer and rainy and high -temperature solar terms make the digestive tract disease more frequent at this time, while the spicy and greasy diet is more likely to induce such diseases. At this timeTry to keep the taste of a light taste.

As the saying goes, "heat is in three volts", the small summer solar term is before and after the beginning, and the health of the diet is to nourish the heat and nourish the yin, eliminate dampness and spleen., Root Vegetables can cook porridge; the crispy radish, cucumber, etc. can adjust the cold and cold.When choosing to stir -fry vegetables, it is better to get rid of less oil and simmer for a long time.

Excessive diet can damage the stomach and intestines, especially after entering the small summer, let alone eat more, eat, eat big food, feed, and overeating. Otherwise, the spleen and stomach will be injured and healthy.In terms of dietary recuperation, you must change the bad habits of diet and diet.

Sports health

In the small summer, the climate is hot, sweating more, the loss of fluid, the qi with the strength of the fluid, and the yang is more likely to damage. Therefore, it is suitable for exercise with less exercise intensity. At the same timeKhan is dripping after exercise, and at the same time, it can be exempted from the loss of yang, which is in line with the health principles of "nourishing the sun in spring and summer" and "less movement and quiet" in summer.

Heat stroke is a common disease in summer, and heat stroke is more likely to occur in the summer season.Therefore, when you go out, you must do a good job in heatstroke, bring umbrellas, sunshadows and other tools, drink plenty of water, and try to avoid when the sun is hot in the afternoon.

prevent disease

The small summer climate is hot and humid, and people are the most likely to grow sores. Chinese medicine believes that treating heat and disintegrating the heat and dampness, cooling blood and detoxifying sores.To prevent the summer, pay attention to personal hygiene, followed by proper cold season, and pay attention to diet.

Everyone likes to eat cold drinks. Ice cream, ice cream, and ice drinks are very popular. Some people take a shower as soon as they come back from the outside. They also like to take a shower., Or buried hidden health hazards, we must also pay attention to health in summer to prevent corresponding diseases.

Little summer to the beginning of summer

May you bathe in a slight summer wind

Feel comfortable in the summer rain

Mind is peaceful

Happy and cool with us!

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