Today’s little knowledge: How does the fetus develop?

Today, I will share with you how the fetus grows step by step.October in pregnantness is the hard work of each great mother to give birth to children.In the past ten months, the baby’s baby has matured from sperm to eggs little by little. In the process, everyone should be curious when there will be baby heartbeats, when there will be arms and legs, when there will be gender gender, and when there will be gender.Mowing

Next, I will introduce the changes in the development of the fetus in October. At different stages, there are different characteristics.

Before 3 weeks of pregnancy, women’s last menstruation is usually used as the starting point of pregnancy because it is difficult to determine the binding time of eggs and sperm.

The fetus is now like a hippocampus at 4-7 weeks of pregnancy. There is a cute tail, and the body is "C". At this stage, the important organs of the fetus have begun to develop. His heart has begun to jump. At this timeWith the fetal heart, the fetal heart can be detected through B -ultrasound at 6 weeks of pregnancy.The limbs have begun to develop.

8-11 weeks of pregnancy, the baby has to stretch the body, the small tail has begun to disappear, the limbs are still developing, the structure of the major organ systems of the body is basically established, and then it will slowly improve its function.Essence

At this stage of 12-15 weeks of pregnancy, the baby baby is more stable, and the probability of abortion is greatly reduced. His head has erect, and the kidney function is more complete. At this timeThe main source of the fetus began to swallow amniotic fluid and use this "drinking urine" and "urination" to maintain the balance of amniotic fluid in the fetus, but don’t worry, the urine of the fetus is very clean at this time.

The baby’s body of the baby is more and more symmetrical at 16-19 weeks of pregnancy.Body.At this time, expectant mothers should pay special attention to sleeping and getting up regularly at this stage, so Bao Mom should pay special attention to not to go to a noisy place to avoid affecting the baby’s rest.

At this stage of 20-23 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s development is relatively healthy. There is already a form of a newborn baby. Began to have sucking reflexes. You can suck your fingers by himself. At this timeThis is the normal development of the fetus.

At this stage of 24-31 weeks of pregnancy, the baby can perceive the outside world. For example, if there is a sound of a sound, he will kick his belly, saying that he has heard the sound.Improve its function to prepare for birth after birth

At 32 weeks of pregnancy-At this stage, the head of the baby has a inverted posture, and the baby’s head is also soft, in order to better give birth from the birth canal.By 37 weeks, the baby will be full of the baby. Each organs have developed, and they can be born at any time.

The above is the little knowledge of fetal development for everyone. I hope today’s sharing can help everyone.

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