Toothache during pregnancy is not terrible, but the pain is terrible. These three methods are more used than going to the hospital

When the pregnant mother brushed her teeth this morning, her teeth suddenly bleed, and she was very painful after brushing her teeth. Is she getting angry?I believe that many pregnant mothers have encountered similar situations. Usually the tooth mouth is not bad, how can it suddenly become so sensitive.When pregnant, the pregnant mother will have toothache in addition to back pain, leg pain, and pubic pain in addition to her back pain, leg pain, and pubic pain.

During pregnancy, the mother’s body hormones will change. At this time, her mouth that is originally safe in the mouth may threaten her mother’s teeth. If the mother does not pay attention to hygiene, it will cause bacteria to breed and harm her mother’s teeth.

Another reason is to get angry. During pregnancy, for her mother’s development, she eats a lot of high protein, high nutritional substances, and less intake of vegetables and fruits.After a long time, the mother will get angry. If the fire is serious, it will affect the teeth of the pregnant mother. At this time, the pregnant mother will find a way to get rid of the fire.

The baby is also the "culprit" that causes the mother’s toothache.We all know that people’s teeth are mainly composed of calcium substances. If the calcium intake of pregnant mothers is not sufficient, it is easy to toothache.During pregnancy, the fetus will divide up most of the calcium substances of pregnant mothers, which will cause the pregnant mother to lack calcium, and naturally occurs to toothache.

If the mother’s toothache during pregnancy, you must find a way to treat it, and you should also pay attention to preventing teeth pain.

Diet light

During pregnancy, mothers should not eat too much greasy and high -fat foods. Once the mother can’t digest it, it is easy to cause the mother to get angry and cause toothache.When you are pregnant, you should pay special attention to the balanced diet. At this time, the body will change tremendous changes. The organs in the body are squeezed into a ball. If you do n’t pay attention to your diet, your mother is more likely to get sick.

Rinse your mouth with light salt water

As we all know, fresh salt water has a bactericidal effect. Every morning and evening, my mother brushes her teeth. You can rinse your mouth with light saline to reduce the bacteria of the mouth, avoid bacteria invading teeth, and cause toothache by pregnant mothers.

Calcium supplement

When pregnant, pregnant mothers are particularly prone to calcium deficiency. After all, two people are eating. The baby will consume most of the calcium substances of the mother. Therefore, when pregnant, the mother must prepare some calcium tablets and usually eat some calcium supplements.Such as tofu, fish and shrimp.

Toothache during pregnancy is normal. Moms don’t have to worry too much about this, but they can’t take it lightly. After all, the toothache is also terrible.If the mother tried the above methods, the mother would go to see the doctor and let the doctor prescribe some soothing drugs for the baby.

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