Top 10 rumors of "science" in 2019: After taking X -rays to get pregnant, children can’t ask for children.


X -rays have a great impact on human health, especially for pregnant women, babies and fetuses.Therefore, after shooting X -rays, when you find that you are pregnant, your child cannot ask for it.

【the truth】

X -rays have a threshold for all mammals and nurses including humans, and even the adverse effects of embryo.Whether for adults or fetuses, the radiation received must reach a certain degree to damage.Therefore, you cannot leave the radiation "dose" to talk about damage.

For fetuses, different fetal age corresponds to different ray safety doses.In 2017, the American Obstetrics and Gynecology Association issued relevant guidelines: 0 to 2 weeks of pregnancy, and the threshold of the teratogenic dose is 50 to 100msv (Nissif), which mainly affects the death of fetus;200msv, the main impact is congenital malformations; 8 to 15 weeks of pregnancy, the threshold of the teratogenic dose is 60 to 310msv, the main impact is intellectual development and malformations.Therefore, the minimum effect of the fetus is 50msv, and theoretically, as long as it does not exceed this value, it is safe.

Under normal circumstances, the radiation dose of an ordinary chest tablet is 0.02 MSV, a knee X -ray dose is 0.005msv, a head CT is 2msv, and a chest CT is 8msv.Obviously, these radiation doses are within the scope of safety.To reach 50msv, it is equivalent to taking 2500 breasts in a row, or do 6 CTs in a row.

Many hospitals take corresponding protection measures to those who are subject to inspection.For example, when shooting chest slices, the inspectors will wear special lead caps and lead collars, and a heavy lead apron on the waist and below to avoid unnecessary radiation by the human body.


Inertia thinking, affect judgment

People’s "inertia thinking" often breeds rumors.In life, many medical examination institutions will prompt pregnancy and pregnant people to avoid shooting X -rays, which may allow people to form a "thinking set", which will affect rational analysis and judgment.

【Similar rumors】

1. The big strawberries with "strange shapes" have hormones

Truth: Hormone is a substance that exists in the plant itself.Most of the big strawberries on the market are "Xingxiang" strawberries, and their heads are very large.Some strawberries are strange, because the temperature and humidity conditions in the greenhouse are not good enough, and the amount of bee is not enough to cause uneven pollination.

2. Low outdoor visibility is the disaster of severe pollution

Truth: Atmospheric visibility is mainly affected by four aspects: particulate matter concentration, chemical composition, relative humidity, solar radiation.The "air quality" we often say only represents the concentration of particles. In the summer, "sauna sky" has a large humidity, which is significantly enhanced on sunlight scattering, resulting in a decrease in the amount of light invested in the human eyes, so visibility decreases.

(Excerpted from: 2019 Top Ten "Science" rumors to find true list)

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