Top flowing room, weird mother?

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Huang Zijiao stirred the entertainment with his own strength. Sure enough, there were sizes S. Black Fan Fan appeared. No, the black man was accused of harassment by the former Black Shi Mei Meimei, and was busy clarifying.

Big teeth also just returned quickly.Not to mention, the phrase "You Fan Fan don’t love this kind of thing" is quite a sense of picture.

But at this moment, netizens are not too Care Chen Jianzhou. Everyone is more concerned about: when will Cai Xukun and his studio respond to?

Fans are also anxious under the studio Weibo

Aidou’s "Born", is it a mother grabbing the show?

This is the case. Yesterday, a netizen named "Mr. C should not be too brave" broke the news that the named Cai Xukun had a relationship with Ms. C in the early morning of May 21, 2021 without protective measures.

Afterwards, Ms. C found that she was pregnant and told Cai Xukun that Cai asked her to kill her child.In July, Ms. C went to the hospital alone to get a fetus.

If the news is true, it is "idol loss", which is a crit to fans, which is just a new chapter for passers -by.

But the next operation was amazing.

In the small composition, Ms. Cai appeared, suspecting that Ms. C wanted to extort it, and she made a good "two -handed preparation". While talking about compensation, she found a private detective to track Ms. C. I illegally installed a pinhole camera at the door of Ms. C’s house …

The evidence of matching is a screenshot of a chat record of abortion medical records and a discussion on the pregnancy cycle.

At 12 noon yesterday, paparazzi opened other evidence.

There are photos of Ms. C.

There is also a screenshot of Cai Xukun’s mother’s chat history. The screenshot shows that Ms. Cai suspects that Ms. C is a medical treatment with other people’s pregnancy and wants to extort money.

The content of the camera also showed it. In the early morning, Ms. C and my girlfriend took a boy home, but left before staying. Later, the staff confirmed that the man was the boyfriend of Ms. C’s girlfriend.

Before this, paparazzi released a recording of suspected Mother Cai Xu, and talked about compensation.

A good thing netizens found out that Mother Cai once studied in the fan base during the "Star Aid Asia" period, but there was no professional identification results.

Ms. C found that she was tracked and chose to call the police directly. It is said that Cai Xukun and the staff were summoned by the police. In the end, the two sides reached a settlement in September 2021. Ms. C and Cai Xukun signed an understanding letter.

Last night, the "Forgiveness" was firmly hung on the hot search.

It is said that due to the consideration of Cai Xukun as a public figure, the understanding of the understanding only wrote "Cai Men" and did not write the full name.

This is also legally recognized. As long as the victim signs the signature

These points are attacked by fans, saying that the flow of people does not need to be hospitalized, there is no pentagram and postal code for the understanding of people, but so far, the most hard -working on the entire network is the fans, and the Lord did not respond.

Interestingly, according to this breaking news, almost all the appearances of the appearance were Ms. Cai. Kun Kun was only responsible for the opening of the opening.

So, this is a tragedy of a mother’s "grabbing" to make the "top flow" falling off the pit?

Mom Bao, not just mom’s problem

This melon smells a faintly familiar taste.

The last "top flow" Wu, who had entered, was also a mother who had a mother. The action logic was super similar to the current paparazzi that the paparazzi broke the news.BUG left a lot.Wu Ma also chose to call the police, and finally sent his son in …

The son made a mistake, and some mothers could not be treated objectively.

With reference to Di Ying, her son had an accident, and she guarded her son that her son should be "joking."

Some netizens want her to persuade her son to be low -key, and some people have a problem with her education method. She is "brain -disabled".

Last year, Sun Anzuo’s lawsuit was finally over. The Di Ying couple lamented that she hadn’t slept for four years and shouted that the media would "do it."

I said nothing, I do n’t admit that my son has done something wrong.

In this kind of mother’s heart, the son Bai Ye was flawless, and the problem was that someone in the outside world wanted to harm him … With such a mentality, they would try to cross between children and "outside" like the hen of the cub.Essence

Japan has done a show called "Parent -Child Co -Deception", which means that Mom Baonan has various phenomena. Some people still keep the habit of bathing with my mother in their thirties.

But in fact, a consensus in society is that after an adult, especially after obtaining an independent economic and social status, people should gradually lead the relationship with parents.

However, some giant babies gradually rely on their parents’ control. When they grow up, they have less control of their parents. Instead, they are easier to "release" and lose their moral and boundaries.

The same is true of Aidou.

Many times, the strength of the parents is indeed one of the shadows of the native family, but the clouds of the native family cannot be everywhere and shrouded everything.In the final analysis, Aidou himself is naive. Thinking that it is not necessary to walk independently by his mother, and the mother is under the fall.

Lin Fengjiao helped the 16 -year -old son prepare the condom, but did not ask him to touch the poison

As a result, the so -called mothers grabbing the "Children" of the Panel.

But in fact, "Mom" just did his best to protect his cubs, try to make up for the gap created by his son, and then made a bigger mistake because he did not professional.

You can say that your mother is unable to talk about the family workshop, but the professional team can be difficult to work perfectly if the artist himself cannot manage himself.

Think about it, like what Wu made, what team can he change to suppress the matter?

The label "Mom Bao" is blamed for "Mom" in the subconscious, which has also become an expression of Aidou to avoid responsibility.

The giant baby generation in your circle

Is there any wrong "Mom"?Yes, the mother will not be able to condone giant babies, but in fact, the mechanism of your circle is also a very huge giant baby dine.

As the idols of clay sculptures, Aidou often only needs to be responsible for maintaining a "perfect image" in front of the audience, which means that most of them are in a "controlling performance state" most of the time.

The interviewed Takamoto, the copywriting of posting Weibo, the caliber of the promotion of the work … Someone settled in advance. The main work of the loveders was to make it vivid and beautiful, and there were very few places to think.

Sometimes there will be embarrassing scenes without the staff to help control the field

When a person is "clay sculpture", it means that the object of the clay sculpture does not have much autonomy and should not have it.

Another old -fashioned question is that when loveders get huge income through traffic and rice circles, the lack of systematic education will make it difficult for them to perform effective behavior management.

The "illusion of Tianlong people" and the superiority of the stars brought by the daily entry 208 are often hotbeds of giant baby.

From the "Mom Bao", in fact, it can be pushed to push a lot of things to be fake–

Fans feel that their brothers have many independent ideas every day, and they are persistent and warm to the world, so they are the best brothers in the world … Of course, we can’t deny it.We can do these things, but if we start from life experience and touch our conscience, will he really warm a person who is having a wanton attitude towards a woman?

A man who had a thing to follow his buttocks after something happened. Can he really have so many independent and firm ideas?

There are really lonely and strange geniuses in the "Big Bang" in the world, but I believe that most people have their own judgments in their hearts.The warm and opinion of the insightful image of some muds from your circle will easily be broken by "Mom Bao".

For a long time in the past, the entire industry has been "excellent" in clay sculptures.

With the push of the rice circle, passers -by can only close the wheat even if they do not believe it, which encourages the infinite expansion of the giant baby Tianlong people, which has led them to more and more the number of red lines, and their behavior is becoming more and more exaggerated.

In the end, when everyone had no way to help him wipe his butt, only the mother still guarded them no matter how much ability she had.

The giant baby’s collapse is not so much that he has been pitted by his mother.

Sister e said:

This twists and turns are deepened. It is actually worth reflecting on it.

At a personal level, it is necessary for everyone to learn to grow independently, bear their own responsibilities, and be responsible for their own decisions and behaviors.

Money and resources are very hard shields, but when you fall into the abyss, these shields will be broken.

From the perspective of the environmental environment of your circle, Xiu Ren 2.0 is largely "pseudo -professionalized era". Complex traffic gameplay covers the essential problem of artists gradually replacing skills with people.Young people who have tied into the famous fame in your circle are actually difficult to keep calm mind in the light and silver light and a touting sound.

The accumulation of water is not thick, and its negative boat is weak.No matter how professional the public relations team, it is impossible to solve the endogenous problem caused by the Aidou training system. There are always some boundary behaviors that cannot be settled with public relations.

At this time, you can’t blame how strong the control of "Mom" is, how unreliable means … because you can’t control yourself, it is obviously a son!

It is recommended that all the "mom" see that your bear child starts to make a few slaps first. When you are beaten by the society, it will be too late to be beaten by society.

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What do you think of the "Mom Bao" in the entertainment industry?

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