Touching the belly for pregnancy is conducive to the baby’s development, but these 3 times, it is best not to touch it anymore

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When it comes to pregnancy, most of them think of the round belly of pregnant women. Many women remember the belly like watermelon.Even on TV, we often see pregnant women holding a big belly, and touched their stomachs with their hands.

This is easy to cause misunderstandings.For pregnancy.Such memory will not have many times in life.While accepting joy, don’t forget.

One pregnant woman said this: I feel like I feel when I sleep every night, and I will feel happy at night.Because babies and mothers are the same.Touching the belly is conducive to the development of the belly, but these three hours, it is best not to touch it again.

Starting from 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus in the belly can clearly perceive the stimulus and touch from the outside world. At this time, the mother can stimulate the baby’s perception by touching her belly.The activity in the mother can strengthen the child’s physical development and physical flexibility, especially to promote the growth of the baby’s muscle growth and the development of the baby’s brain.

But if you are in these situations, you must pay attention to it. Don’t touch this.

1. When the fetal movement is frequent

This is the time when the baby is more active, because the frequent fetal movements of the babies have caused great trouble for mothers, and about 80 % of mothers will choose to touch the baby to calm the baby.In fact, this is a wrong approach.

At this time, touching the baby will increase the child’s excitement, which will allow the child to accept greater excitement. For children, fetal movement may be more intense, so we must pay more attention to these.And if the fetal movement is abnormal, it often means that the baby may be dangerous now and should seek medical treatment in time.

2. When your hands are supported

When our mothers are walking, because the fetus is too large, it will make the center of gravity back.It will be that our mother has to drag my belly because of the backward movement of the center of gravity, so we can easily rub on the belly.However, such actions are actually very pressured on the waist muscles. At this time, touching the stomach will cause uterine contraction, and it may also cause premature birth.

Therefore, for our mothers, even if we want to support our backs, do not develop the habit of touching the stomach, which is also very unfavorable to the fetus.

3. Especially when giving birth

When it is about to cause giving birth, especially when the pregnant mother is 30 weeks of pregnancy, the baby baby has basically developed.However, when you touch your stomach in the third trimester, it is easy to stimulate the uterus, resulting in pseudo contractions, increasing the chance of premature birth, which is not good for your baby’s development.The hard work and suffering brought by the bred baby can be reflected on this big belly, and at the same time, the pregnant mother can feel the beating and joy of new life on this belly.

As our pregnant women, there are several problems with the above problems.Especially for pregnant women, don’t care about this.Especially the third, because pregnant women are at a dangerous moment, and they cannot happen because of this problem.I still wish you all a healthy little baby.

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