Traditional Chinese medicine during pregnancy safety

There is a mother who is weak and pregnant, and the big golden grandson in her belly is with the family desire, so her mother -in -law does not know where to get the traditional Chinese medicine stew to supplement her medicinal materials, and tells her daughter -in -law to cook them.… Can you take Chinese medicine in pregnancy?If you can eat it, what can you eat?What should I pay attention to when taking Chinese medicine?Let the professional Chinese medicine practitioners in this unit fully solve you!Can Chinese medicine take Chinese medicine during pregnancy?Some pregnant women take a post to supplement the effect. Can they give it to other pregnant women?Chen Suqing, the attending physician of the Traditional Medical Department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, pointed out that there are many practical examples like this, but if you have eaten it according to other pregnant women, you can eat it for other pregnant women. This is still high -risk.As far as Chinese medicine is concerned, human constitution is different, so the same prescription is not necessarily suitable for others, just like the situation where the mother -in -law took the neighbor’s Chinese medicine to mum in the above example. In fact, the most correct way of dealing with itThat is, first confirm the actual content of the prescription, and then consult the qualified Chinese medicine practitioner before considering whether to take it.Dr. Chen Suqing also said that the human body was affected by the four seasons, cold and summer, etc., and his personal constitution often changed at any time.Coupled with the concepts of Chinese medicine that "the symptoms are, use medicine" and "medicine and food homologous".Therefore, the intention of taking the medicine is to treat the disease. When the human body is not ill, natural ingredients are the best medicine. Therefore, pregnant mommy does not need to supplement it deliberately. From the principle of traditional Chinese medicine,Fang, so taking Chinese medicine must be "tailor -made" and "different from person to person".

Beware of "medicine" for medicated diet

Common supplemental medicinal meals, such as "Ginger Duck", "Angelica Perch", "Human Four Chicken", "Shiquan Da Nu Decoction", "medicated sesame oil chicken", etc. Dr. Chen Suqing believes that although most people occasionally occasionally occasionallyIf you eat this kind of diet, you will not obviously feel uncomfortable, but if you just encounter a cold, fever, etc., these heat medicinal materials will sometimes cause gum swelling, mouth breaking, nosebleeds, hemorrhoids, constipation bleeding, etc.It really has obvious side effects on the human body.Therefore, "eating supplements" is not terrible, but the most afraid of eating is wrong!

Dr. Chen Suqing said that some people with poor gastrointestinal and intestines usually take incorrect tonics. The most obvious thing is that they can diarrhea.Because of the greasy things, the intestines can often be moistened, so some supplements use too many doses. For some people with spleen deficiency constitution, it may indeed occur after supplementary side effects.Suitable for reason.

Can I take Chinese medicine during pregnancy?Why do you need to make up?And do you need to make up?Dr. Chen Suqing pointed out on clinical experience that in gynecological clinics, pregnant women originally used various illnesses to treat Chinese medicine, so they can take Chinese medicine for course."Take it.In other words, to be helpful to eat, it is not a bunch of side effects; if the pregnant woman is more inner pressure, burden or regrets due to tonic, it is not the purpose of taking medicine or tonic.

Traditional Chinese medicine during pregnancy safety

Generally, qi and blood -replenishment medicinal materials, such as scutellaria, red dates, wolfberry, angelica, etc., are almost generally used by the public as boiling water. If she thinks she needs a pregnant woman, can she drink it?Dr. Chen Suqing pointed out that even if the medicine for qi and blood is the same, it is also a medicinal material, and the purpose is to treat the symptoms.For example, if the patient has indications, it belongs to qi deficiency, and qi is replenished; blood deficiency should nourish blood; that is, the prescription for conditioning for deficiency may be used.

However, in terms of the treatment of deficiency in Chinese medicine, qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency, and yang deficiency are also different. Dr. Chen for example, like the common four god soup, can be used to regulate the deficiency of the spleen and stomach;Chicken soup is used to replenish vitality, but these are still limited to the general understanding of pharmacology.After in -depth and inquiring the diagnosis of professional Chinese medicine practitioners, the patient’s deficiency can be distinguished by the viscera, spleen deficiency or kidney deficiency, so that the medication can be more accurate.

Therefore, even if pregnant moms just want to drink a little "qi tea" and "soothing tea", it is best to ask TCM to diagnose personal physical fitness and then drink it.Dr. Chen Suqing believes that if mommy does not have any discomfort during pregnancy, or various symptoms do not affect life, whether it is Chinese medicine or tonic, it is basically not necessary, because the body itself has the function of self -balance and metabolism.

However, if there are pregnant moms who take Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine tea, if the physical reactions appear, it is best to stop taking Chinese medicine immediately?Dr. Chen Suqing pointed out that taking Chinese medicine usually causes any discomfort or abnormal phenomenon in the body, often represents the phenomenon of individuals who are uncomfortable with medicine. At this time, it is advisable to stop tonic or take medicine.And the three stages of pregnancy is the watershed. In the three stages of the first, middle and back, what details should be paid to the treatment of pregnant moms for medicinal diet or Chinese medicine treatment?

In the early stages of pregnancy (1 to 4 months of pregnancy), because of early pregnancy, the most common is pregnancy, nausea, nausea, vomiting, and unable to eat.Patients for individual physical fitness treatment of "cold, heat, virtual, and real".For example, the spleen deficiency is supplemented by the incense sand of the Chinese medicine, and the phlegm drink is conditioned by the Erchen Decoction.If it is about dietary health care, it is common to be both the ingredients and the medicinal materials of the medicinal materials, scutellaria baicalensis, red dates, wolfberry, and angelica.Unless it is a very sensitive constitution, maybe only a small mouthful of sip at present, but there is obvious discomfort, then don’t eat it anymore.Like some people with cold stomachs, drink a little bit of tea, nausea and palpitations, so that they cannot drink.Patients who are afraid of coldness may not have an effect in eating ginger, but patients with actual heat that are prone to acne, constipation, and bad breath should be reduced.Especially when ginger, wine, and sesame oil are eaten together, it is easy to refuel on fire, and the hot constitution should be avoided as much as possible.Most of the mums that are generally easy to be happy are mostly spleen deficiency and weak gastrointestinal function. Eat a little ginger, sometimes it can strengthen the spleen and stomach, but the exact constitution must be diagnosed with a Chinese medicine practitioner.Sometimes the appetite can drink some rice soup with a little salt. Because there is "Guqi", it can help the spleen and stomach, but the sesame oil chicken wine is easy to get tired of the stomach and increases the burden. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid eating.

In the middle of pregnancy (4 to 7 months of pregnancy)

After the uncomfortable phenomenon of hormonal changes in the body in the early days, although the appetite of the pregnant mommy has improved, some pregnant moms begin to have sleep disorders in the middle of the pregnancy, sometimes because of fetal movement, compression, anxiety, etc.The reason makes sleep poor.At this time, the blood deficiency and cold physique mummy will have the effect of helping sleep with the maintenance of longan dry tea with soothe.

However, longan dryness is the heat, so the mummy with dry and hot constitutions should be prohibited from taking the fire significantly after taking it.Dr. Chen Suqing said that even if it was maintained, it is still not recommended to drink it every day.The best way to drink, you can choose to drink once every 2 to 3 days to maintain it; or when the symptoms are obvious, drink a small amount.

In the later stages of pregnancy (7 ~ fetal child delivery)

The most common in the later stages of pregnancy is edema, frequent urination and other phenomena. Healthy food therapy can cook the "Yam Pork Ribs Decoction" to benefit the spleen and kidney.The "red bean soup" that does not add sugar is also a healthy food dish that benefits edema in the late pregnancy.However, sometimes a cold and eating too salty may cause edema, and pregnant mommy should be observed carefully.

Chinese medicine small supplement post

It is not indispensable to want to "eat two people one by one person" during pregnancy, but Dr. Chen Suqing reminded that many pregnant moms are difficult to conceive Jin Sun and have a lot of inside.For complement, but if there is a bad constitution and a bad physical response after complement, who should this responsibility be given to?Therefore, it is necessary to have clear wisdom.

Dr. Chen Suqing repeatedly reminded that if pregnant mothers such as gestational diabetes or unstable blood sugar, hypertension, initial abnormal bleeding, etc., patients who are high -risk pregnancy, no matter which stageDrinking "people’s chicken soup" is mainly based on seasonal ingredients such as natural fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Chen said that if you have to take medicine during pregnancy, it is also to "proof".During the pregnancy, the medicine must be diagnosed with a qualified Chinese medicine practitioner, and the taboos of pregnancy are avoided, and the prescription is mainly treatment.However, in modern people, sometimes there will be a myth of "being a doctor" and supplementing them. However, if you use medicine or not take it properly, you often threaten self -health. Pregnant moms should be cautious!

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