True and false pregnancy?Is vomiting and rising body temperature?

Pregnancy is the arrival of a small life, but many girls who have just begun to be a mother do not know whether they are really pregnant. In order to prevent the little baby in the early pregnancy, we need to be pregnant.So, how to confirm that you are really pregnant? Let’s take a look together.

Important questions: Has menstruation really delayed?

The way to judge:

1. Calculating days for several menstrual cycles are generally 28-30 days.Generally speaking, women’s menstruation delay within 10 days is a normal phenomenon.However, if women’s daily life is normal, and there is no impact of mood, disease, drugs, etc., it is likely to be pregnancy or showing reproductive system diseases.Women can use early pregnancy test strip pregnancy testing. It is best to go to the hospital for B -ultrasound to check it. The accuracy accuracy rate of pregnancy test is higher.Women with irregular menstruation are relatively difficult to judge, and can only be judged based on the longest menstrual cycle.For example, if the longest menstrual cycle was 36 days before, then the 37th day has not yet come to menstruation, you need to doubt whether menstruation delay.

2. Motoring the basic body temperature detection of the luteal period is that after ovulation and before menstruation, it is a fixed 14 -day under normal circumstances.A woman with a basic body temperature monitoring can relatively accurately know my ovulation time. If it passed 14 days after ovulation, there is no menstruation, it is likely to stop menstruation.

Important question 2: Are the early pregnancy test strips accurate?

Differential method: 1. Whether the test strip purchased for a regular purchase of early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks should be produced by regular manufacturers. Pay attention to whether the packaging is intact when purchasing.Pay attention to whether the product can still be valid before use.Because the use of early pregnancy test products is mostly in the bathroom, pay attention to try to prevent the test strip from moisture when disassembling and use.

2. When the process of using the process is correct, according to the instructions of the manual. Generally, the cotton of the test strip is soaked in the urine for 6 seconds, and then the test strip is placed in a flat for 5 minutes.In sufficient time, you may not have enough time to response, and false negatives may appear.Or some women who are anxious to use early pregnancy test strips for testing may drink a lot of water in a short time to allow me to urinate.It will show false negatives.

3. The detection time is appropriate to choose in the date: the later the detection time, the higher the accuracy: · 1 day during menstruation, the accuracy is 99%; · Test the day before the menstrual period, the accuracy is 93%;The accuracy is only 42%before the menstrual period; and if the accuracy is detected 6 days before the menstrual cycle, the accuracy is only 25%.

The possibility of positive detection will be higher.

Important 3: Do you have these pregnancy diseases? If you are pregnant, you can understand the signals such as you.

★ menopause.Mentalal discontinuation is the first signal of pregnancy.In general, menstruation is normal and does not take any contraceptive measures. If you still have no menstruation for a week, you must think about the possibility of pregnancy.

★ The body temperature rises.When you wake up in the morning, you can measure the body temperature immediately as the root temperature.The rise in the bottom of the root is also an indicator of whether the pregnancy is determined.Women of menstrual rules, in a menstrual cycle, basically increased by about 0.5 ° C after ovulation, and kept it until the next menstrual tide before landing.After pregnancy, due to the effects of progesterone on the temperature center, body temperature will continue to maintain a high degree without landing.The measurement of basic body temperature needs to be placed in the place where the thermometer (proposed to use a special root thermometer) is easy to get by the bed. After waking up the next morning, put the thermometer under the tongue, close the mouth for about 5 minutes, and then put the body temperature value value value value value.It can be recorded.Be sure to persist every day, and the record time must be fixed.

★ Early pregnancy reaction.Some women began to change appetite shortly after menstruation (about 2 weeks).After getting up in the morning, there is a phenomenon of nausea, acid reflux, loss of appetite, and picky eaters.Some people want to vomit without eating, and some people want to eat some sour things.These diseases are called early pregnancy response, and they will disappear naturally after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The above is the way to get pregnant and pregnant. In fact, everyone’s physical fitness is different, and the response after pregnancy is also different, so if you really don’t know if you are pregnant, you can go to the hospital for examination in time.I really know if I am pregnant to prepare.

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