Tumor screen viewing three misunderstandings?

On February 3rd, Zhao Shuai, a 43 -year -old singer who created and sang the theme song for the anti -cancer movie "Send You A Little Red Flower", died of cancer.

Data show that there were 19.29 million new cancer cases worldwide in 2020, of which 4.57 million new cancers were in China, accounting for 23.7%of the world’s worldwide, ranking first in the world.Doctors said that in addition to increasing the number of new cancers, the youth of cancer is also worthy of attention.For high -risk groups of cancer, if early diagnosis and early treatment can be screened early, they can do their best to achieve better efficacy.


Regarding tumor screening, you have to see these misunderstandings

The doctor introduced that lung cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and liver cancer are the top five malignant tumors in my country, and the mortality rate is also very high, and at the same time, it shows a trend of younger.Their common feature is that the early treatment effect is better, and the probability of recurrence in the middle and late stages is high. Therefore, the key to anti -cancer is early screening, diagnosis and treatment.Many people have incomplete cognition of cancer. There are misunderstandings or fluke, and sometimes they are fatal.

Misunderstanding 1: Physical examination is not tumor screening

Some tumor patients are very puzzled after diagnosis. Why didn’t the physical examination of the unit organized every year not found?In this regard, experts said that the medical examination did not cover all screening items. For example, many people think that X -ray chest tablets can check lung cancer. In fact, it is difficult to find early lung cancer, and it is already middle and late.

Misunderstanding 2: The incidence is not 100%.

Cancer is a terrible enemy. Everyone will be afraid, but many people still have the fluke.There are more than one billion people in China, the highest incidence of lung cancer, and there are few people who have lung cancer around, so "I" should not get it.However, experts point out that the occurrence of tumors may be a small probability event for people and global people. As far as someone is concerned, that is, there is a problem that has or no, especially those with family history.

Misunderstanding 3: No symptoms do not need to screen

The Chinese usually treat the hospital as a place for treatment. If they are uncomfortable, they think that they want to go to the hospital.In fact, the hospital should be our health management agencies. Normal people’s regular physical examinations and tumor screening of high -risk people are necessary.Like lung cancer, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, etc., there may be no symptoms in the early stage. It is too late to seek medical treatment when it appears obviously discomfort.


Five high incidence of malignant tumor screening strategies

Lung cancer

High -risk objects: over 40 years old, family history of lung cancer, history of long -term smoking

Screening method: It is recommended to do low -dose CT screening lung cancer once a year. If CT finds a shadow or summary in the lungs, especially the shadow and summary of glass -like, it is best to go to a regular hospital to find an experienced doctor to see it.If necessary, you can do a pathological biopsy.

Gastric cancer

High -risk objects: over 40 years old, family history of gastric cancer, positive pylori detection, chronic gastric medical history, long -term picking food, long -term smoking history, long -term drinking large amounts of alcohol

Screening method: Once the upper abdomen is discomfort, the heart nest is painful, the feeling of fullness after food, the loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, often vomiting overnight food and gastric juice without bile, or those with black asphalt -like aspirations, should be.Do gastroscopy in time.There are no young people who have no stomach discomfort. Three generations of direct -based relatives have gastric cancer under 60 years of age. It is best to do gastroscopy once a year. People with no high -risk factors are more than 40 years old.Essence

Bowel cancer

High -risk objects: family history of bowel cancer, including colorectal polyps, colorectal adenoma, ulcerative colitis, clot disease and other medical history, high -fat diet, long -term smoking history, long -term drinking

Screening method: Studies have found that the onset of bowel cancer is too old. Normal people can do stool hidden blood and tumor logo mirror screening once a year over 50 years of age.It is best to have a colonoscopy. If there is no problem, you can do a colonoscopy for 3-5 years.In addition, if you find a stool with blood, don’t take it for granted that it is a hemorrhoids and take it lightly. You can consult a doctor and do a colonoscopy if necessary.

Breast cancer

High -risk objects: family history of breast cancer, no fertility or only after 35 years old, long -term pressure, specific occupations such as teachers, medical workers, etc.

Screening method: The early symptoms of breast cancer are mainly breast masses, nipples, nipples, etc. Once these symptoms are available in time.The main check methods include molybdenum targets and color Doppler ultrasound. It is best to combine molybdenum targets and B -ultrasound, which is relatively easier to confirm.Women 30 to 40 have performed ultrasound checks once a year. If a suspicious lesion is found, a magnetic resonance or molybdenum target examination is found; women over the age of 40 are recommended to do molybdenum target examination once a year.Women of childbearing age have B -ultrasound before pregnancy to check breast diseases to avoid pregnancy to stimulate the development of breast disease.

Liver cancer

High -risk targets: family history of liver cancer, patients with hepatitis B for more than five years, carriers of hepatitis B virus, history of chronic hepatitis, patients with cirrhosis, patients with cirrhosis, and long -term alcoholic.

Screening method: B -ultrasound and nail protein screening can be used to further clarify the diagnostic department for CT or magnetic resonance examination.The high -risk groups are checked once in half a year, and normal people can only be once a year.If you have loss of appetite, nausea, abdominal distension, upper abdomen, etc., you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

Source: Jiangsu City Channel

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