Two bars of pregnancy test stick = pregnancy?Don’t worry about the conclusion first!

Little A is 29 years old and has been married for more than 3 years.Because both husband and wife like children, they have been actively preparing for pregnancy after marriage.After suffering a miscarriage of the first pregnancy two years ago, Xiao A underwent Qing Palace surgery.There was no good news after preparing for pregnancy. Until recently, Xiao A’s "big aunt" has always extended for five days.

Xiao A hurriedly tested with early pregnancy test strips, and the "two bars" displayed on the test paper excited her -this time it was probably stable!Xiao A couldn’t help telling her husband and family.

Two weeks later, the family went to the hospital happily. As a result, the doctor said that Xiao A was not pregnant; not only that, she also needed to undergo surgery immediately.

Little A’s psychology is like a roller coaster. As soon as it reached the peak, he immediately fell to the bottom of the valley:

Isn’t it "deceiving" the early pregnancy test strip?

This starts with the principle of early pregnancy test strip testing.

The main indicator of the early pregnancy test paper is to see if there is a pregnancy. It is to see the "human chorionic gonadotropin" in the urine. What may be well known to everyone is its English name -HCG.In other words, as long as the HCG level in urine rises, the test strip will judge that its owner may be pregnant, which shows the "two bars".

Women who are pregnant normally will indeed increase the level of HCG in urine, so the test results of early pregnancy test strips are generally credible.However, there may also be a "error" like a small A -because, which causes HCG levels to rise, it is not necessarily normal pregnancy, and it may be other reasons that cause HCG to rise.

The "two bars" on the early pregnancy test paper are just a prompt information, and we cannot make a conclusion of normal pregnancy.If you want to know the accurate results, you must go to the hospital for blood drawing, B -ultrasound, and so on.

Why is Xiao A’s "two bars" misjudged?

What are the causes of early pregnancy test strips "wrongly" the owner is pregnant?

Ectopic pregnancy

—— "The fertilized egg lives to someone else’s house"

Extra pregnancy is our commonly known "ectopic pregnancy".Under normal circumstances, the combination of sperm and eggs will form fertilized eggs, and fertilized eggs can be swimming to the uterine cavity, and "settle" in the uterine cavity can develop into embryos and fetuses step by step.

However, once the fertilized egg is lost, it is "ectopic pregnancy" when it is lost in other parts outside the uterine cavity.

The most common part of the abnormal pregnancy is the fallopian tube.Because the fertilized eggs will also secrete HCG after living in the "other people’s house", it will also display "two bars" with early pregnancy test strips.

After examination, Little A was diagnosed as a tubal ectopic pregnancy.As the embryo continues to grow, it will invade the tube wall of the fallopian tube. After that, it may cause rupture and bleeding. It will also cause blood loss shock and life -endowment -this is why doctors suggest that she quickly surgery.

Biochemical pregnancy

—— "I can’t find a home for fertilized eggs"

If ectopic pregnancy is an fertilized egg "living in the wrong home", then the biochemical pregnancy means that the fertilized eggs cannot be bed in the uterine cavity.

If it is a biochemical pregnancy, the fertilized eggs will increase the level of HCG in the process of "settlement", so the "two bars" can be measured by early pregnancy test strips, and blood testing is also positive.However, the subsequent ultrasound examination did not detect pregnancy of pregnancy sacs, yolk cysts, etc.

Why is biochemical pregnancy?

One of the main causes of biochemical pregnancy is chromosomal abnormalities -this can also be said to be a result of a natural choice.In addition, the lack of luteal function, abnormal immune, and endometrial factors may also cause biochemical pregnancy.

Therefore, if the early pregnancy test strip is displayed as two bars, but the color gradually becomes lighter, or the level of blood testing HCG is gradually decreased. If the ultrasonic examination does not see the pregnancy sac, the biochemical pregnancy must be considered.


——The non -normal fluffy

"Portuguese" is also a situation of abnormal pregnancy.

In this case, although the fertilized eggs have successfully settled their home in the uterine cavity, the fluff nourishing cells have abnormal hyperplasia, forming a variety of blisters. These blisters are connected into a string, and the appearance looks like grapes, so it is called "carpen".Essence

With the "Portuguese fetus", "two bars" will also be displayed when testing with early pregnancy test strips, but the blood drawing for a quantitative examination of HCG levels will be found at this time.Get earlier and more serious.

In addition, uncomfortable vaginal bleeding and abdominal distension may occur.A typical representation of ultrasound examination will also appear -no normal gestational sac or yolk cylinder can be seen in the uterine cavity, which is replaced by honeycomb or snow -like tissue.

How is the "hydatidal" something formed?

Most of the "hydatidal" has chromosomal abnormalities -this is also a result of a natural choice.Moreover, if vitamin A and animal fats are lacking in diet, the chance of "hydatidal tires" may increase.

If you are pregnant with a "Portuguese Tire", you must clear it through the Qing Palace surgery.At this time, the patient must be hospitalized. Under the conditions of full preparation, the experienced doctors will complete the Qing Palace surgery.It should be reminded that a small number of patients may still have malignant lesions.

In addition to normal pregnancy, early pregnancy test strip "two bars" may also be "mistaken and wrong", "biochemical pregnancy", "strange" hypotomy …

Therefore, when you see the "two bars" on the early pregnancy test paper, don’t immerse themselves in "I want to be a mother’s complex expression" (I know that the TV series is all performed like this, but …), don’t take it lightly.

Seeing the reminder of "two bars", please go to the hospital as soon as possible to take blood and B -ultrasound for the hospital, confirm the pregnancy situation, and be responsible for yourself, and for the possible new life ~

Source: Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine


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