Two days before the wedding, the man lifts up, but what should the woman do 5 months of pregnancy is preferred?

Edit: Zhao Yihui

“On the eve of the wedding, the boyfriend and the girlfriend of my girlfriend broke up in May.”Although the marriage is signed by a paper contract, the basis of marriage is emotion. The maintenance of marriage requires material, responsibility, tolerance and love, etc. Therefore, it tests that it is not just two people.Tacing tacitly, testing the determination and responsibility of the two.When there is no new life coming, marriage may be the same, but when a new life comes to this world, the marriage will have a identity — raising.

In recent years, the situation of unmarried first pregnancy is not a small number. We do not deny that many "Fengzi married" couples are happy, but the problems that occur under unmarried first pregnancy also exist.

Recently, a similar case occurred in Chongqing. A pair of newcomers were ready to hold a wedding. The two had planned to receive the certificate two days before the wedding. However, the man suddenly announced the cancellation of the wedding and broke up with the woman.At this time, the woman had been pregnant for more than five months.

The man said that he was truly preparing for the wedding, but the woman and the mother’s family put forward many requirements including the wedding, which exceeded the man’s affordability and made him overwhelmed.Although the woman apologized to the man, the man did not seem to change his decision, and the two sides discussed that he passed an artificial abortion surgery to terminate pregnancy.

The woman said that the month of the fetus was large and it was more than five months. I was worried that the operation would affect her future life.Therefore, he made a request to the man, in addition to allowing the man to pay the cost of surgery, he also asked the man for one million.

So, what should a woman do for this case?Can she get the one million?

Through the announcement of the case information, the man no longer wanted to be a husband and wife with the woman. At this time, the woman’s choice was more passive, either gave birth to the child or knocked the child.If the woman insists on giving birth to the child, according to Article 1071 of the Civil Code of my country, non -marriage children enjoys the same rights as children of marriage and children, and no organization or individual may be harmful and discriminated.The biological father or mother who does not directly raise children who are not married, should bear the support for adult children who are adults or adult children who cannot live independently.

Therefore, although the men and women are not married at this time, the child born with the same legal status as the children of marriage and children, and both men and women have the obligation to raise; if the woman chooses to kill the child, at this time, there is no clear specification of the man in law.It is necessary to compensate the woman’s rules. It should be explained here that when the child’s appearance occurs, the request of one million compensation made by the woman’s compensation by the two parties is relatively difficult to support.

At the same time, many people also lamented why they decided not to get married two days before marriage?Isn’t this kind of behavior pit?However, the author wants to say that according to Article 1046 of the Civil Code in my country, marriage should be completely voluntary to be married, prohibit all parties from forceing the other party to interfere with any organization or individual.Although the man proposed a strong blow to the woman before marriage, the marriage was concluded when the citizen’s personal free will. The man had the right to decide whether he wanted to get married.

In fact, the woman is indeed more passive for this case. Because of this, the author wants to tell adults in love through this case that everyone is yearning for everyone, and everyone is looking forward to marriage, but on any layerIn concern, responsibility is always accompanied by us. We must recognize ourselves and measure each other’s ability, because marriage is not a bargaining "vegetable market", nor is it an equivalent exchange product.

Everyone should be responsible for their actions. This responsibility is not only the bottom line, but also requires morality as support. Knowing how to love themselves can grasp the rhythm of their lives.

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