Two months after giving birth, I want to divorce (1)

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My life seems to have a problem, and I don’t know what to do. The idea of divorce is getting heavier

Let’s talk about the status quo of my life now:

I have just been born for less than two months now. Only my mother -in -law at home is at home. I brought my children to bring myself. My mother -in -law is just helping to make meals.Play, because my milk is not enough for the baby to eat milk powder, my mother -in -law and I have quarreled several times because of their children. Last night, my mother -in -law tuned some rice noodles and wanted to feed the baby.It is a rice paste). The baby is only 50 days and less than two months now. I don’t give the baby for fear of the baby’s stomach. The mother -in -law is angry and falls.I said I was wrong, let my mother -in -law adjust to the baby to eat or not.But today’s mother -in -law went out, I don’t know if she went out to work or was still angry.

My husband has a lot of life and customs from his family. It is very different from my family. I care about the eyes of others. There are many differences in the three views. I think I will be assimilated when I have time to grow here.The ideas of ideas will change tremendous changes. If I don’t want to change, I will be a heterogeneous.Also, I won’t shout. Some generations of his family are very different, (unlike my family, the same age as my mother is called 嬢嬢 or aunt, and my uncle is almost the same as my father.)I do n’t know what to call. I did n’t call it. Once I was wrong, it was obvious that their faces were not good. My mother -in -law always took this matter for me. I also knew that I did n’t do well. I was working hard.

Since pregnancy, my mother -in -law has been disliked me. I am far from marrying, more than 300 kilometers, took three and a half hours of high -speed rail, and after marriage and pregnancy (the month was small), I was too boring in my in -laws.I am bored to tell me to go home for a while), and I also told my father -in -law. At that time, I was talking well. I also bought the ticket. I turned my head and asked me to retreat.I went home without a refund. It was a few days when I stayed in the words and urged me to go back and said that I was worried about my baby. Now think that it ’s really a ghost. When I was four months pregnant, let me and my mother -in -law go to my husband and grandmother.I saw my grandmother at home, and said that I had no car and walked far away. I believed it. As a result, I walked for more than two hours.I do n’t worry about me and my baby, and I said that this road is good. I did n’t let me go.

During my pregnancy, I insisted on going to the county seat every month for a production inspection. My mother -in -law also said that I did n’t check what I spent again and again, saying that there is no money for the medical insurance (I don’t have it.I know how to reimburse), and I asked her mother -in -law how she reimbursed. She said she didn’t know.Eating is also a pawn of rice, potato cabbage, at most yam taro carrots, meat is pork, but it is difficult to eat. Sometimes I do n’t eat it, I still think I picked it, (the place in the in -laws is not good at going to the county town)Regardless of my pregnancy, I told me to eat. I started back pain in the middle of pregnancy. I told my mother -in -law. I told my mother -in -law and blame me for not walking too much.Walking more, the baby’s hip position in the third trimester may have to have a cesarean section. I have no more than a cesarean section.I went to the hospital on the night of the amniotic fluid. I almost cried myself. I didn’t understand anything in the hospital. Fortunately, the doctor comforted me to make me not be afraid.I wiped me with my child. I am very grateful to this. She also thought about what gifts I paid for a salary to send her, and now my two status estimated that people would not be appreciated.When I was discharged from the hospital, it took more than a thousand to go out for reimbursement. My mother -in -law also said that if other people’s family had no money, they had to spend money without spending money.

Because my milk is insufficient, my children eat milk powder. During the confinement, my husband is also there. There are chicken pork ribs and fish, but I don’t know what happened to be appetite and I can’t eat much.I also disliked me without milk. I want to chase milk, but I ca n’t buy ingredients at all. My husband said that drinking milk powder without milk.

My husband came back for about 23 days. My mother -in -law made rice, wash dishes, wash clothes, and soaked milk every day. I have seen these in my eyes, but since my husband left, my mother -in -law said that she would go out for help (there are funerals nearby).Not at home, except for eating for meals to cook, the others are basically doing it myself, but I haven’t confineed yet. I really can’t get back.I hugged out and turned around. I said a word that I couldn’t get back. My mother -in -law was unhappy. In the evening, the baby was crying. I was anxious to feed her milk and said a few words to the baby.After the meeting, my mother -in -law said inexplicably that I lost my temper to her. I said when I got my temper to you, and I quarreled like this.

From my husband to 30 days, my mother -in -law has always been at home. I am really tired. After 30 days, my mother -in -law said that she would go out to work. I asked her not to go.Only when I went home, I had to do it by myself. At night, the baby cried and said that she had noisy to sleep. She was going to work tomorrow morning. I also quarreled several times in the middle. Later, I slowly became familiar with myself with my baby.Doing it, I did n’t let my mother -in -law help to do anything except for the occasional cooking and hugging the baby. Later, my mother asked me how this time was. I could n’t help telling my mother that I basically made it myself since my husband left.Mom distressed my body and told my husband that my husband didn’t know, but I said that my back pain said that my mother -in -law is often at home. I know these. He will never call someone who sleeps wake up. As a result, I am me.My husband and father -in -law came to educate me. Let me be more considerate of my mother -in -law, talk to my mother -in -law, and educate, but I will ask the people who will help in the confinement.Some people are invisible every day, and some people are invisible.

Now that I want to divorce, just last night, my mother -in -law’s words made me have to seriously consider this marriage.My mother -in -law said, "I will be here for a lifetime, I have to deal with others." Yeah, I was trapped here, and I couldn’t accept it again.

The idea of divorce is getting heavier, but I do n’t know what to do. Is this my life?Is this the marriage that I have been in exchange for youth in eight years?This is how I followed him for so many years, thinking of buying a house and a car, but now there is nothing, and I have to be forced to accept it.I once thought about giving up this relationship but my heart softened. I used to do it for him regardless of the affairs at home. I did not listen to how my parents advised me, and now I am paying the price for the original non -persuasion!

But I’m reluctant!

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