Under what circumstances need to do tubal angiography?Can I get pregnant after the fallopian tubal angiography?

Under what circumstances are the fallopian tubal movie making?

Preparing for more than one year, other aspects of examinations are normal.

Patients who have experienced artificial abortion or natural abortion.

Among the patients with infertility, they are suspected to have tubal obstruction.

There was a history of lower abdomen surgery, such as appendix resection and cesarean section.There were history of pelvic inflammatory disease such as gonococcus infection and puerperium infection.

The doctor suggested that I do tubal angiography, so I want to ask why I highly recommend it?

1. Query the cause of uterine abnormal bleeding

2. Auxiliary fallopian tubes

3. High accuracy

4. The scope of applications is wide

5. Safe without side effects

6. Treatment effect (fallopian tubal angiography is not only a way to test, but it has a therapeutic effect on certain infertility diseases and does not need to be treated for further treatment)

So what do I need to prepare for my anging?

1. The surgery should be selected for 3 to 7 days after menstruation, and sexual life for 3 days before angiography should be selected.

2. Pay attention to observing the patient with iodine allergies during the operation, prepare rescue drugs, find timely, and deal with it in time.

3. Injecting the contrast agent should not be too hard. If you find that the contrast agent flows into the vein or the lymphatic vessel immediately, the injection should be immediately stopped, and the patient will immediately take the right side or sit in the right side to avoid the contrast agent enter the left ventricular chamber.

Doctor, my little sister told me that she hurts when she did it.I am afraid.EssenceEssence

This is different from person to person, and the individual difference is very different.

Most sisters feel: "There is a bit of swelling, just like dysmenorrhea, but it is definitely within the scope of being tolerated."

Don’t be scared by "pain in pain" on the Internet, "dead and alive", it is very small.

The main pain is mainly related to the three factors:

1. Doctor’s technology.

2. Sisters with uterine cavity adhesion or narrow cervical mouth may have a little pain when intubation.

3. Individual differences.

What needs to be explained is that it is not painful, and it is inaccurate that it is not painful.

In fact, many fallopian tubes are unimpeded MMs, and pain will also be painful.Many patients who are not smooth or blocked may not feel pain during angiography.

If you dare not take pictures because you are afraid of pain, it is definitely unnecessary.Because the time for angiography is very short, even if it hurts, it is only a moment, and it will be fine soon.

This pain is too far away from the birth of a child.

Can I still get pregnant?

After the exposure, the menstrual period was used to get pregnant the next month.Whether it is iodine oil radiography or iodine water angiography.

Some doctors are conservative for three months of contraception.

Because the angiography itself has a slight treatment effect on the fallopian tube, it is generally believed that the aftermath of the radiography is slightly higher than that of pregnancy.

Can I get pregnant when I take a month?

better not.

After all, X -ray radiation and a lot of antibiotics are taken.

But clinically observed that women who were pregnant after the month did not increase the danger of fetal abnormalities.

If you accidentally get pregnant after being filmed, don’t worry too much, even kill the fetus for this, just observe, pay attention to recuperation.

Of course, from the perspective of eugenics, it is recommended to contraception that month.

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