Unexpectedly, Zhu Dan was so powerful when he was pregnant.

A few months ago, Zhu Dan seemed to announce the news of his pregnancy in his difficulties.More than a month ago, Zhu Dan, who was pregnant, was not very right. The pregnancy was obvious. She was in a hanging bottle, which made people feel distressing.

Unexpectedly, after that, Zhu Dan’s personal state was quickly adjusted very positive.

No, Zhu Dan, who was almost born at any time, ran to his hometown under his belly, and Zhu Dan said that he "has been holding a camera in the bridge and water between the hometown in the bridge and water in his hometown in the past few days."

Zhu Dan was going strolling and passing, and he was also looking for the shadow of his childhood.

To say, Zhu Dan is really too powerful.Zhu Dan wanted to force herself to move in this way. Think about her swollen body, especially the edema feet, which is very difficult to move.

Sometimes it is very casual to play with golden chicken independence.

Some netizens said that she was too idle, but was scolded by another netizen.

To tell the truth, Zhu Dan has spent time and energy on other things recently. It is no easier than her time to work, and there are things to do almost every day.

Every day Zhu Dan receives a lot of private messages from pregnant mothers on Weibo, and everyone exchanges the problem of pregnancy together.Zhu Dan also invited everyone to interact in the comment area. She couldn’t like it by herself, and she finally had to take the energy to send a small gift.

Zhu Dan, who is pregnant, can be raised at home, but she still has to work hard to work.

Some time ago, Zhu Dan was still dubbing the show "Dan Xing Line", which was hosted by himself.

When relaxing, Zhu Dan also had to play with flower art, busy for a while, looking at the finished product, the pregnancy life is not monotonous at all, and the mood can be said to be very beautiful.

Exercise has never been a relaxed thing, and Zhu Dan started to think about weight loss early.The man who watched was frightened, and Zhu Dan could really stand toss.

In fact, when she was guessed to be pregnant, Zhu Dan was praised by everyone, very dedicated and powerful.

At that time, Zhu Dan, who was not obvious, did a slightly difficult action on the show. He continued to interact with the audience and also compete with people to play billiards.

Zhu Dan’s physical fitness is great, but if Zhu Dan and Yang Mi are still far behind, Yang Mi was filming several plays during pregnancy.

The pregnancy outside of the plan, for the original promise, Yang Mi was still on his head.

If Zhu Dan is compared with Ella, Ella is still jumping and jumping a few days before pregnancy. The universe is the strongest, and it is really even more incomparable.

Everything can be done, naturally it is spicy, and the change will move.Zhu Dan’s current state is great, she must not wait to look forward to the arrival of a new life!

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