Unwanted pregnancy how to do?

First confirm whether you are really pregnant ~

1. Pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests can scientifically diagnose whether you are pregnant by accident.When the fertilized eggs are planted into the uterus, a new hormone is produced in the body of the pregnant woman, called the choric membrane promoting gonadotropin. Its function is to maintain pregnancy.EssenceYou can choose to do urinary pregnancy test or blood HCG test to determine whether you are pregnant unexpectedly.

2. Early pregnancy test strip test

Go to the pharmacy to buy early pregnancy test strips for inspection.If the results are positive, two red strips appear, one is located in the control area C, and the other is located in the test area T, indicating that it is pregnant.

3. B -ultrasound

Going to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound is the most correct and reliable way to diagnose whether women are accidentally pregnant.The first week of pregnancy can be seen through the B -ultrasonic screen on the B ultrasonic screen.

4. Basic body temperature measurement

Basic body temperature measurement method is also the easiest way to test whether it is accidentally pregnant.Generally, the body temperature before ovulation is below 36.5 degrees. After ovulation, the progesterone rises, which acts on the body temperature center and increases the body temperature by 0.3-0.5 degrees.If the eggs fail to fertilize, the progesterone decreases after about a week. The body temperature is returned to normal; if the pregnancy is pregnant, the progesterone remains a high level and the body temperature remains high.

If you are determined to be pregnant but do not want a child, you have to have a abortion surgery at the right time

Generally speaking, it is recommended to have painless abortion surgery within 35 to 50 days after pregnancy. At this time, the operation is relatively simple, the process of surgery is relatively safe, and the female body after surgery is easier to recover.

Pay attention before the abortion surgery

1. Avoid sexual life within 1 week before surgery. Take a bath and change clothes 1 day before the operation to avoid cold and cold;

2. Fasting before surgery, four hours of banning water, or drinking a small amount of sugar boiling water on the morning.

3. Surgery should be changed when the body temperature exceeds 37.5 ° C.

4. Prepare enough clothes before surgery to avoid cold, and you can carry paper towels, sanitary napkins and other supplies to facilitate postoperative use.

Precautions for postoperative

1. Painless flow needs to rest for 2 weeks, and prevent cold and colds. Eat more nutritious foods to restore the body as soon as possible.

2. During the period of painless abortion, the trauma on the endometrium of the factor has not been restored, and the cervical mouth is relaxed. Bacteria in the vagina can easily enter the uterine cavity and cause infection.Therefore, after surgery, you must pay attention to the hygiene of the external vulva, and the sexual life is prohibited within one month to prevent reproductive organs from infection.

If there is fever, abdominal pain, and vaginal secretions with abnormal smells may be caused by infection, you should go to the doctor in time.

3. Pay attention to nutritional matching in diet to ensure protein intake.Eat more vegetables and fruits, but eat less raw, cold and hard foods to avoid indigestion caused by stimulating intestinal tract.

4. Psychological recovery.Some female friends will have a series of spiritual symptoms such as depression, depression, crying, irritability, insomnia after abortion.This is caused by changes in hormone levels before and after pregnancy.Most people will be cured.However, after surgery, it also has an important role in whether women can recover as soon as possible.

Note: If you find any discomfort or abnormalities after surgery, you must pay attention to going to the hospital for consultation in time. Pay attention to the retransmit on time.

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