Unwanted pregnancy how to do?Which damage is smaller?

Red Net Moment News, November 23 (Correspondent Tang Jie) If accidental pregnancy occurs, irregular vaginal bleeding or sudden abdominal pain occurs, accompanied by anal swelling, sweat, pale face, etc., please seek medical treatment in time to avoid avoiding it to avoidExtra pregnancy rupture of great bleeding is life -threatening.You can call 120 or contact the community volunteers to take it to Hunan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Gynecology Clinic in time. Whether you are from high -risk areas or low -risk areas, whether you are green, yellow or red code, Hunan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital has always adhered toThe concept of "life first" is done to make every patient who comes to the hospital to get the most timely treatment, and spare no effort to ensure the safety of each patient’s life.

"Flow or medicine? How to hurt the minimum?"

Artificial abortion is divided into scraping and tong scraping.Within 14 weeks of pregnancy, those who need to terminate pregnancy without taboos, or those who should not continue pregnancy.Examination of artificial abortion in the clinic (45-65 days) within 6-10 weeks of pregnancy.At 10-14 weeks, clamping is scraped by the palace. At the same time, it is recommended to abortion and then clear the palace.For more than 14 weeks, the hospitalization is needed to inject labor in the amnioidal injection.

Divine abortion is generally recommended within 49 days of pregnancy, and it is best to be more than 36 days of pregnancy.If the embryo is too large, the chance of failure will increase. At the same time, if the larger embryo cannot be completely discharged, residual or incarceration occurs at the cervical mouth, which will easily cause major bleeding and even life -threatening.


Although the current improvement of abortion technology equipment, artificial abortion of painless hysteroscopy can minimize uterine endometrial damage, but it is harmless!Caring for postoperative rehabilitation treatment and PAC abortion is worth paying attention to.

Most patients have disgusting, vomiting, dizziness and other discomfort after intravenous anesthesia. This is a side effect of anesthesia.The gynecological department of Hunan Provincial Medicine Hospital adopts acupoints in traditional Chinese medicine, and uses acupoints such as Nei Guanyuan, Zhongli, Shangyu, and Shenxuan to relieve the side effects of anesthesia.Ear acupuncture pressure, ears stimulation to alleviate the side effects of anesthesia, and at the same time promote the endometrium to recover the old.

At the same time, the French Phenix USB4 neuromuscular muscle stimulation system is adopted, and the leather acupoint is treated with analog electrical stimulus treatment.It can achieve the effect of nourishing kidney and qi, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and restoring the normal adjustment function of the "Kidney-Tiangui-Ren Ren-Core Palace" axis, thereby promoting the restoration of the endometrium after artificial influence, reducing the amount of postoperative bleeding.After recovery.

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