Urinary urination during pregnancy is a taboo. These harms many pregnant mothers do not know how to break the frequent "embarrassment"?

The doctor introduced that normal people urinate 4-6 times during the day and 0-2 times in the evening; if pregnant women urinate more than 7 times during the day, more than 2 times in the evening, and each interval between 2 hours, it is frequent urination.

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Many pregnant mothers have frequent urination reactions in the early pregnancy. It is okay for pregnant mothers who are going to give birth at home, but for those pregnant mothers who still need to work, frequent urination really affects.

Many pregnant mothers will choose to urinate, but in fact, urination is particularly harmful to pregnant mothers. In the early pregnancy, urination will even risk abortion.

Xiao Yun still insisted on work after pregnancy. At first she didn’t feel any discomfort. She was also glad that she had no strong pregnancy reaction, but soon Xiaoyun had a "unspeakable hidden".

That is the frequent urination. Almost every time she goes to the toilet to report. It is okay when the company is in the company. The leaders and colleagues understand that she is pregnant, and acquiesce in the toilet.

But when you take the subway to get off work, it is not so "wonderful".Once, she felt that she was here again, but she thought about leaving the company two stations, and persisted, but did not expect a sneezing to make her diapers, or too many.

After experiencing this embarrassing thing, Xiao Yun dare not urinate anymore, but the disadvantage is that every time she goes out, she must find the toilet first.Essence

The frequent urination of pregnant mothers is generally reflected in two times, early and third trimester.

1) Early pregnancy

The first three months of pregnancy, that is, in the early stages of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have frequent symptoms of urine.

In fact, this is because the uterus increased at this time, but the uterus has not been raised, so it is compressed to the bladder and rectum.The situation will be reduced.

2) Pregnancy

During the third trimester, the fetus enters the rise period, especially after the baby enters the basin, the uterus will compress the bladder again, and frequent urination will appear again.

In addition, in addition to frequent urination, according to the survey, more than 40 % of women have "stress urinary incontinence" during pregnancy, that is, the condition of leakage occurred.

This is because due to pregnancy, the muscles of the pelvis tissue of the pregnant mother are stretched, which makes the sphincter that controls the urination. Therefore, when the pregnant mother sneezes, laughs, or coughs, the urine leakage may occur.

And the more frequent urination, the more frequent the situation, so in order not to fall into the "embarrassment", pregnant mothers should not always urinate.

This is a common reaction during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers need not feel embarrassed. Generally, leakage of urine will only show a small part. The pregnant mothers need only need to prepare, such as pads on pads when going out.Essence

1) Pregnant mother

Whether you are pregnant or not, urination is a bad habit for us.For pregnant mothers, frequent urination can reduce the effect of urine toile urethrals and increase the risk of urinary tract infection.

In addition, when we pass through the urine, the bladder is enlarged. After a certain period of time, the sphincter will lose elasticity, causing the embarrassment of leakage of urine, and even the risk of bladder rupture.

2) Baby

On the other hand, pregnant mothers always urinate, and the full bladder will oppress the uterus and may cause contractions.If it is early pregnancy, the baby may have a risk of miscarriage; if it is the third trimester, it may also cause the baby to produce premature birth.

In addition, pregnant mothers can cause various inflammation to urinate. Once the baby is infected, the consequences are unimaginable.

1) Drink less water before going to bed

Many pregnant mothers rarely drink water in order to go to the toilet, but in fact, the harm to pregnant mothers is even greater. The pregnant mother should drink water normally during the day, but do not drink too much at a time, you can drink it frequently.

Drink as little water as much as possible before going to bed. You can go to the toilet before going to bed to ensure that you have been discharged, then go back to sleep to ensure the quality of sleep.

2) Do some anal reduction exercises

Pregnant mothers can try some anal shrinkage, so that they can exercise the bottom muscles, alleviate the phenomenon of leakage, and help the pregnant mother to give birth.

3) Eat less diuretic food

If you urinate frequently during pregnancy, then diuretic foods such as watermelon, corn beard, winter melon should be eaten less, especially before going to bed.

4) Copy pads

In addition, prepare some pads at any time to prevent embarrassing things, but also pay attention to replacement in time to ensure cleaning.

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