Use 2 methods to determine the ovulation period, implement a planning plan, maybe

It is a very normal phenomenon that women’s body temperature rises during ovulation and menstruation, because the luteal hormone secretion of the body during this period will greatly increase, and the uterus will begin to discharge eggs, which will greatly increase the temperature of women.The normal body temperature of the normal ovulation period is calculated from the ovulation day, and there are two body temperature curves: low temperature and high temperature period.Generally speaking, women’s body temperature will exceed 36.9 degrees Celsius. This is a climbing temperature, because the luteal in women is too slow or insufficient.

In the ovulation period to the menstrual period, the temperature of the ovulation period is high. It is a good job of uterine activity and a good pregnancy, which shows that the luteal function is good.If the luteal function is not good, it will be reflected in the ovulation period to the menstrual period of the menstrual period, which is no different from usual.Although it can be treated with drugs, the treatment process is relatively long, and it will also affect conception.There are a lot of newlywed couples who are worried about, how should I conceive?

It is necessary to accurately understand your ovulation period, help to improve the possibility of conception, and to choose the right time.At the same time, we must know when my menstrual cycle is known to know when the ovulation period is.Generally speaking, the menstrual cycle of each person is regular and can be recorded on the calendar. From the first day of menstruation to the first day of the next day, this time is the period of uterine ovulation.Essence

The same room during ovulation can greatly increase the possibility of conception, and the ovulation period was before 14 days of menstruation.If everyone’s menstrual cycle is 28 days, the ovulation period starts from the fourteenth day of 28 days.If there is no accurate menstrual cycle, you can determine the ovulation period from the following aspects.

The first method: body temperature.The first sign of the beginning of ovulation is that the body temperature is slightly higher. You can measure your body temperature before getting up every day and make a curve.In this way, you can clearly predict your ovulation period after a few months.In the twenty -four hours after ovulation, most women will increase their body temperature to 0.5 degrees Celsius.

The second method: use ovulation tester.This method is more expensive, but it is more accurate. If economic conditions allow it, it can be adopted.This test method is to predict the specific time of the ovulation period by measuring the concentration of luteum hormones in urine.If the luteal hormone concentration increases, it indicates that the uterus starts to ovulate.

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