Wang Chan Du Chun kissed the first love, Du Chun’s head kissed Tai Su, and the woman once took the initiative to pursue

Recently, Du Chun’s wife Wang Can took a photo of the two on the social platform, and also wrote the text: "Challenge a sealed god, the favorite photo", the sweetness is seriously exceeded.

It can be seen from the photos that the couple kissed under the light, and Wang Can also put her hands on Du Chun’s shoulder. The two of them looked at each other and looked very sweet.It can be found that Wang Can wore a white T -shirt, and his hair was also randomly tied into a ponytail. Du Chun was also wearing a beige inside, and the two were very simple.But the more daily photos, the sweeter!

When talking about Du Chun, everyone knows very well. There are also many famous works. "Eight Bai", "The Great Han Emperor", "The Song of the Great Han Love in the Clouds", are all his masterpieces. His tough guy image is also well liked.

Earlier, his emotional history was very mysterious. Until the New Year’s Day last year, he exposed a marriage certificate on a social platform to announce that he was married, which also surprised many people.

In fact, on the show where the two participated together, Du Chun’s wife Wang Can revealed that the two have been in love together for many years, but they have not been released. When Du Chun filmed, Wang Can also went to visit the class.After; according to Wang Can, the two were also Du Chun, who were actively chasing.

Although Wang Can was also opposed by her mother at the time, it turned out that Du Chun was really a good husband.When Wang Chan was pregnant, in order to avoid stretch marks, Wang Can wiped oil as soon as he was free.

And he will also prepare for Wang Can, such as placing flowers in the refrigerator; he said that he is a not romantic person, but he will spend time to imitate Nicholas Tse to sing to Wang Can, just because she likes Nicholas Tse.

On April 20 last year, the two also ushered in the baby, and the nickname was "Little Egg Dumplings". The feet photos were really cute.

When the little egg dumplings were one year old this year, the family of three also took a photo photo together. The family of three wore the same color clothes. The couple held their daughter in the middle. They were very happy. The small egg dumpling was a small one.cute.

After the marriage, Wang Can took care of her daughter with one heart. She basically did everything her daughter’s things. As she said, the nanny was not a child’s mother after all.

Now, Du Chun concentrates on work. Wang Can takes care of her children at home, and occasionally share a photo with her daughter. The couple are clearly divided into work. I hope that the family of three will always be happy!

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