Wang Pingli was questioned too much. After pregnancy, he couldn’t walk well and was spit out.

Wang Syonal was questioned too much

If you don’t walk well after pregnancy, you will be spit out

People familiar with the matter expose the truth behind the scenes

Since marrying Pan Bing

Wang Syonal’s life can also be considered on track

Pick -up video work step by step

Now I am pregnant with Liujia, I am still going to bring goods to make money in the east

Fortunately, the in -laws of the in -laws will see her all in my eyes

It can be considered a happy and sweet pair in the Internet celebrity

Because Wang Syonal’s belly is bigger than the day a day

Netizens often remind her to be careful

But in the near future

Wang Shili not only does not listen to persuasion

I also trot all the way when I came on the way to get a video.

I am worried that fans are worried about saying good words, I have been tired

There is no way to control it at all

The more netizens commented, be careful

Wang Syunali is diligent than running at a time

Especially at home, holding a hoe to shovel amaranth

Swish up in the uneven ground and trot all the way

Make her mother chasing and shouted slowly behind

This move has also been cold. Many fans’ hearts

Think to remind you many times

It must be intentional

There are still many netizens who are seizing for her and claiming that she is an acute.

But have to say

After being pregnant, Wang Syunali is pregnant

The body is more than a day a day

There is no sense of weakness and weakness of pregnant women at all

It is because it is too good

Let the netizens feel that she has to be a mother, it is not stable

What’s more, she thinks she is intentional

Only in this way can there be traffic

As public opinion continues to ferment

People familiar with the matter expose the truth behind the scenes

Why did Wang Syonal not expect?

I can run and be questioned in the third trimester.

The video in the video will care about it once twice twice

But always this is disgusted

It is inevitable to make people mistakenly think that they are deliberately making everyone arguing

After all

But there are people familiar with the matter

Walking all the way when Wang Savimosi was not pregnant

The character of completely hot fire

It has always been used to get used to pregnancy and it is naturally difficult to change.

Even the mother’s family kept reminding him behind

It can be seen that it is really not intentional

And many people come here to express

There are many people who are pregnant like Wang Sateyoli

Just pay attention not to fall, it is not hindered at all

When you can do it, you can do it

Making milk powder for children is also worth understanding

Many netizens also teased her in the comment area that she always came in the wind.

She also said generously that she is used to it

The habit of decades can not be changed by changing

My body knows the most

If you are uncomfortable, you will definitely be careful

Not every pregnant woman is careful

Excessive care is often not a good thing

How can I feel comfortable with the constitution?

But have to say

Wang Pingli has become better and better since she became pregnant

It seems that Pan Bing is very good to her

Life in my in -laws is also very smooth

What do you think about

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