Want a healthy baby?You must know these three causes of pregnancy!

I found that many female friends are confused about infertility. They have been preparing to get pregnant, but they cannot get pregnant.

Today, I want to share with you my personal experience: how to effectively prepare for pregnancy.

Pregnancy (picture source Baidu)

In this era of thinness, many female friends will blindly lose weight, do not eat staple food, only eat fruit and milk, the body will be easily attacked by cold, qi and blood deficiency.

If you want to get pregnant, you need the power of qi and blood.

If you want to succeed in conceiving and have a healthy baby, Chinese medicine believes that there are two key conditions: sufficient gas and full blood.

The liver is called a "general" in Chinese medicine and is the headquarters of human blood circulation.Not only is it in charge of emotional stability, it is also responsible for regulating the balance of women’s endocrine.

If the liver is not full of vitality, the operation of qi and blood will be blocked, which will affect the ability of conception.

The blood is like a river, responsible for giving the mother and fetal nutrients and oxygen.If the blood is insufficient or the quality is not good, the normal development of the fetus will be affected.

Eybaged seeds (picture source headline)

Pregnancy is like a seed that is about to germinate, full of power of life, full of infinite possibilities.

Just like when planting vegetables in rural areas, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of the seeds is good.For pregnancy, the quality of men is very important.

In addition to the quality of the seeds, the texture of the soil is also the key to pregnancy.

Women’s uterus is like a piece of land, which can affect the growth of new life.Just as farmers need to work hard in terms of cultivated land and pollution treatment, women also need to maintain the health and cleaning of the uterus.

Uterus (source headline)

Imagine that if the soil is filled with garbage and pollutants, the seeds will not have a good growth environment, which will cause plants to be unable to germinate.Similarly, if the uterus is full of inflammation or garbage, it will also affect pregnancy.

Below, how should I maintain the uterus when I am talking about pregnancy from the perspective of women?These are some of my personal experience for your reference.

1. Gonghan is too low in body temperature (you can keep warm through acupuncture points such as moxibustion, Sanyinjiao, Bayi and other acupoints)

2. Kidney deficiency, no nutrients in the land, not fertile enough.

3. qi stagnation and blood stasis, heavy phlegm and dampness, and pile of earth and rocks (the ideas of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, phlegm, and phlegm, such as Erdan Decoction, Chai Winwen Soup).

Women’s menstruation has four periods.On this basis, adjust the menstrual cycle, maintain the uterus, and master the rhythm of pregnancy.

The first stage is the 1st-7th day after menstruation.

At this time, the endometrium falls off, which is discharged by menstrual blood.

Sanitary napkin (source headline)

The second stage is the first week after menstruation, 1-7 days after the end of menstruation.

At this time, the eggs have been excreted, and the new eggs are developing. The eggs at this stage have not yet matured, so they cannot be fertilized. At this stage, sexual life is the safest and the least pregnant.

In the third stage, the second week after menstruation, 7-14 days after menstruation ended.

On the seventh day after the end of the aunt, the intimate life began to have a certain chance of getting pregnant. At this time, the eggs were mature and could bred a new life.

In the case of regular menstrual period, women grasp this period of time, and the success rate of pregnancy will be relatively high.

The fourth stage, the seven days before the aunt arrived.

This week is like autumn, autumn is here, and the leaves of the trees will wither and store energy in the root of the tree.

Leaf (source headline)

During menstruation, the liver has the function of leakage, which can guide the energy of qi and blood to flow downward, so the probability of life and pregnancy in intimate life will be relatively low at this time.

There are many factors that affect pregnancy.

For example, bad emotions such as anger, anxiety, restlessness, etc., or love to wear a exposed umbilical outfit, expose ankle, stay in the air -conditioned room for a long time in summer, eat cold and cold food.

Holding ice cream in hand (the source of the picture)

The key to preparing pregnancy is to start from life, adjust your life habits, and make yourself healthy.

During pregnancy, pay attention to develop good habits, quit smoking and alcohol, avoid staying up late, and eat barbecue.After all, the soil is fertile, and the quality of the seeds is also very important.

In fact, the arrival of children is also a fate.During this time, you must adjust your body and menstruation. When you prepare your body, you will naturally come.

Finally, I wish all female friends a smooth pregnancy!

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