Want to do "abortion" but find vaginitis. Do you do abortion before eliminating inflammation?

The second child is coming, and there seems to be more female friends who have gotten pregnant in gynecological clinics.

Ms. Wu, 34, came back with the B -ultrasound and saw her B -ultrasound reminder: 7+ weeks of early pregnancy.

"Congratulations, Ms. Wu. Early pregnancy 7+ weeks." I said.

"Dr. Fu, I already have children. I can’t ask this, I ask people to surge." Ms. Wu was sad.

Ms. Wu can have a second child!After seeing Ms. Wu’s medical records, I found the reason. Ms. Wu already had two babies.

The pre -surgery test for Ms. Wu was performed. After the examination, testing and examination were completed, all the results were normal, but the vaginal secretion was unqualified. It prompted the cleanliness III degree, BV (+).

"Ms. Wu, you currently have bacterial vaginal disease. You need to treat this vaginitis first. After healing the retrial of the leucorrhea, we can arrange an artificial abortion." I explained.

"Dr. Fu, you see that I have been pregnant for 7+ weeks, and I ca n’t wait any longer. The pregnancy week is not easy to perform surgery. Otherwise, if you take care of me, I can treat inflammation while doing abortion?Ms. Wu asked me with a smile.

Although Ms. Wu’s attitude was so sincere, Dr. Fu Hong could not bear to refuse.But do not follow the routine and operate in violation of regulations, Dr. Fu Hong is even more afraid of losing the "rice bowl"!

To do "artificial abortion", referred to as "abortion", there must be an indication certificate.1. Those who need to terminate pregnancy within 10 weeks without taboos; 2. Those who should not continue pregnancy due to certain diseases or genetic diseases.

You must be interested in seeing the taboos in it.

What is "taboo"?1. Words and deeds that are banned or taboo.2. Refers to things that should be avoided in medicine.

What is "taboo"?As a medical term, contraindications refer to diseases or conditions that are not suitable for some treatment measures, or are harmful after adopting.Such as: unparalleled puppets are taboos of cutting surgery.

What are the taboos of artificial abortion?

1. The acute stage of various diseases;

2. Inflammation of genitals, such as vaginitis, acute cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted diseases, without treatment;

3. Poor conditions in the whole body cannot be competent;

4. Two body temperatures before 37.5 ° C were suspended.

If there is vaginitis, but it is opposite, what is the consequences?

BV (bacterial vaginal disease) is a clinical syndrome of vaginal mucosal inflammatory manifestations caused by a variety of microorganisms.Minding BV women’s postoperative complications, pregnancy complications, and BV recurrence risks increased. Its infection with other sexually transmitted diseases (STD), such as human immune defect virus (HIV), gonorrhea Naose, chlamydia, and herpes zosperthyll virus (Risks such as HSV-2) increase.

For example, Ms. Wu has bacterial vaginal disease, and she is abortion without treatment. After abortion, Ms. Wu may have pelvic inflammatory inflammatory disease and other infections after abortion.

After hearing this explanation, Ms. Wu agreed to go home first to treat vaginitis, and after the review was qualified, artificial flow was performed.

Seeing this, readers, do you have a deep understanding and understanding of gynecological checkers before surgery?

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