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Many people want to learn the knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine to raise sheep. Today, I will arrange some simple and basic single -flavored Chinese herbal medicine for everyone, easy to use and remember!Due to the limited space and the installment is completed, this article is the first period.If you are interested, click on it.

One year, also known as thousands of towers, malaria cure, and wildemon

[Efficacy] This taste is light and flat.It has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying and helping digestion.

[Application] It has the effect of improving immunity and promoting fertilizer.The addition is 3%of the diet.

[Efficacy] This product is sour, sweet, and slightly warm.It has the effects of eliminating healthy stomach, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and qi and accumulation.

[Application] helps digestion, add 1%to 2%to the sheep essence.

[Efficacy] This product is sour and cold.It has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and swelling.

[Application] It has the effect of promoting fertilizer and anti -diarrhea.Sheep’s food is not limited.

[Efficacy] This product has the effects of cough, detoxification, and reconciliation.

[Application] It has a detoxification and cough effect, and sheep add 1% to 2% of the diet.

[Efficacy] This product is the dry leaves of the chrysanthemum plant Ai.Bitter, Xin, warm.It has the effects of warming up pain, wetness and cold, and hemostasis.

[Application] Sheep adds 2%of the diet, which can increase daily weight gain.

[Efficacy] This product is bitter and cold.This product has the function of clearing the liver and gallbladder dampness and heat.Pharmacological studies have proved that this product has a stomach effect.

[Application] Most of the dragon grass is used as bitter and stomach medicine, and sheep essence is added by 1%.

[Efficacy] This product is the lack of leaf fennel in the umbrella -shaped plant, which is named after obvious scent.Weixin, warm nature.It has the effects of aphrodisiac, the effect of strengthening the spleen and warmth, and the effects of promoting blood circulation, nourishing blood, and moisture.

[Application] It should be used in sheep fertilizer, sheep recovered, and sheep’s incompetence caused by ovarian function loss.Dosage is 5 ~ 10 grams/day.

These Chinese herbal medicines can be used alone. For sheep, some grass sheep are eaten directly, but some are like Ai, sheep will not eat it directly, they can be dried, crushed, and mixed.

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