Washing tubes are not smooth, how can I get pregnant?

The common result of uterine fallopian tubal angiography is "unobstructed", so patients often ask:

The common result of uterine fallopian tubal film is "common but not smooth", so patients often ask:

I did an uterine fallopian tubal angiography and found that the fallopian tube was not smooth. How can I treat it to get pregnant?

In fact, for doctors, this is a big topic that cannot be explained in one or two sentences.We will give the corresponding treatment plan according to the condition of each infertility (what kind of disease, lesions, age, infertility time, etc.).

But in general: some people need to treat the fallopian tubes, and then try to get pregnant or other treatment methods; some people are of little significance to treat the fallopian tubes, and it is best to do it directly in the body; and some people need specific analysis.

Today, I show you the examples of two patients. It is also infertility caused by the influenza tubal, but the treatment methods are different.

Example 1:

27 years old, 2 years of marriage, no contraception, no pregnancy in the past year and a half.The menstrual cycle is irregular, from 30 to 60 days.It is normal to check the husband’s semen.

She was treated in a local hospital, checking ovulation and promoting ovulation until her husband and wife were not pregnant for a few months.Later, the uterine fallopian tubal angiography showed that the bilateral fallopian tube was unsatisfactory.

The doctor suggested that she do a test tube, but she has doubts and wants to hear my opinion.The suggestion I gave her was to consider IVF or laparoscopic treatment.First of all, tubal obstruction does not mean "absolutely not pregnant."Secondly, irregular menstrual cycles indicate that ovulation disorders may exist and affect pregnancy.However, it has been inspected ovulation / ovulation for several months, and there is still no pregnancy, which indirectly indicates that the tubal may be the main cause of infertility.

Because this patient is still young (less than 35 years old), and combined with the previous situation, treating fallopian tubes is possible.

Simply put: the younger; the pelvic surgery has not been performed; the infertility time is not long; the fallopian tube factor leads to infertility.

Generally speaking, laparoscopic surgery is recommended for such patients.If laparoscopic surgery is not pregnant one year, IVF can be done.

Example 2:

38 years old, the menstrual cycle is normal, one year of marriage, and living together for five years.Never use conventional contraceptive methods, but adopted the "safe contraceptive method".There is no contraception for nearly two months.I had an artificial abortion once four years ago, and the uterine fibroids were removed two years ago.

It is normal to check the husband’s semen.I just made an uterine fallopian tubal angiography and found that the bilateral fallopian tubes were unsatisfactory.

For this patient, my suggestion is to be a test tube baby, because it should not be considered infertility in just 2 months without contraception.(Generally speaking, people who have not adopted contraceptive measures for more than a year, those who have normal sexual life and have no pregnancy are considered "infertility").However, the safety period contraception itself is "unsafe."For 5 years, he has never been pregnant."Covered contraception" may not be a good thing.In addition, she is 38 years old and has done two operations; uterine fallopian tubes show that the bilateral fallopian tube is not smooth.

Simply put: older (greater than 35 years); infertility time (this requires a doctor to judge); who has performed pelvic surgery; fallopian tube factors lead to infertility.

Generally speaking, for such patients, it is not recommended to perform surgery (tubal dredging surgery), so the advice to the patient is to be a test tube baby.

Here are two simple examples, which does not include all situations.I just want to tell everyone that the situation of each patient is different, so the treatment plan is different.It is impossible for doctors to give treatment suggestions through only one test sheet, a B -ultrasound, or an other examination report.

If you find abnormalities after examination, don’t worry too much, don’t rush to find a solution in place.Cooperate with the doctor and let the doctor understand their own situation in detail in order to find the most suitable treatment plan and conceive the child.

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