Week 7

Fetal weight: 4g

Fetal height: 1cm

Tips during pregnancy: The fetal embryo germ is gradually revealed, the amniotic fluid in the amniotic cavity has been produced, and the pregnant mother’s early pregnancy reaction increases.

Abstract of fetal development: The fetal section has been completely different, and the amniotic fluid in the amniotic cavity has produced.

Fixed keywords · Fetal size: as large as blueberries

Fixed keywords · Development situation: Kazama differentiation is completed

Fetal development text:

At 7 weeks of pregnancy, the cells of the embryo are still split quickly, 1.3 cm long.The arms and legs of the embryo began to extend the buds, and the fingers developed from now on.At this time, the heart began to divide into the left atrium and the right ventricle, and the fetus still had a tail.

The fetus will make the first move this week, but the pregnant mother still can’t feel it and except for the development of the limbs, the fetus’s head is also beginning to be active.The two brain hemispheres are slowly developing.The teeth and mouth are not idle, and they are organizing their own architecture.And his little nose will gradually become highlighted.

In addition to large changes in the head, the internal organs of the fetus have also undergone tremendous changes.

During this period, the fetus had grown appendix and pancreas, and his liver was non -stop making red blood cells, and a period of intestine began to enter the umbilical cord.Major responsibility!The heart of the fetus has also begun to divide the left atrium and right ventricle, and it can already start beating rhythmically.

The amniotic fluid in the amniotic cavity has produced.In order to obtain nutrients from the mother, the umbilical cord tissue of the fetus develops rapidly.From the B ultrasound, you can clearly see the fetal buds and fetal heartbeat, and the fetal sac accounts for about 1/3 of the uterine cavity.

Summary of mothers: The appetite of pregnant mothers changes, the nipple color is deepened, the breasts begin to rise, and the reaction of early pregnancy is gradually obvious.

Fixed keywords · Physical change: areola color with tenderness

Mom change the text:

This week, your body shape and weight still can’t see any changes.Some expectant mothers even lose weight, the nipple color deepen, the breasts begin to rise slightly, and the reaction of early pregnancy is gradually obvious.These are normal.Of course, there are also mothers who are not sick and have a good appetite. During this time, because they will be hungry at any time, they eat more food, and their bodies will gain weight slightly.The body of each pregnant mother will change at a slightly different speed, but most of the pregnant mothers’ weight growth is about 0.1kg, which is no different from the figure before pregnancy.

This week, expectant mothers may have noticed signs of pregnancy, and others can feel that you are "happy".

Summary of healthcare: The pregnancy response of pregnant mothers will gradually become obvious, and the drowsiness of pregnant women is also one of the early pregnancy reactions.

Random keywords 1 (medical care): pregnant women’s drowsiness

Random keyword 2 (medical care): areola color, breast tenderness

Medical and health care:

1. The cause of sleepy women’s drowsiness

Pregnant women’s drowsiness and changes in hormones in the body after pregnancy, such as luteal rising and high.In addition, the basic metabolism of pregnant women has increased, the calorie consumption in the body is fast, and the blood sugar is insufficient, which is also the cause of drowsiness.

2. Pregnant women’s sleepy symptoms

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women are easy to feel tired and want to sleep. The sleep time increases compared with the previous day. I need to sleep after a day, otherwise they will yawn or doze off.Generally, I feel that I usually go menstruation for 6 weeks, and generally continue until 3 months of pregnancy.About 14-15 weeks of pregnancy, after the placenta is complete, I don’t feel any sleepiness.

3. Change of nipple color changes

Pregnant women will quietly feel the color of their nipples and areolas reddish brown, deepening than the color of not pregnant. This is because the level of estrogen and the level of progesterone gradually increases.She prepared for breastfeeding after her mother.

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