Week 8

Fetal weight: 6g

Fetal height: 1.2cm

Tips during pregnancy: The fetal form is clearly visible. The pregnant mother has continued to increase, and the uterus has fists.

Abstract of fetal development: The fetal shape has been fixed, and the fetal head, carcass and limbs can be divided, and the fetal shape and fetal movement can be clearly visible.

Fixed keywords · Fetal size: Similar size to kidney beans

Fixed keywords · Development: The fetal form is clear

Fetal development text:

The fetus is now about 1.2cm and the fetus weighs about 6g.At this time, the fetal shape has been fixed, and the fetal head, body and limbs can be divided, and the fetal head is greater than the torso.The B -ultrasound can see the fetal sac that accounts for about 1/2 of the official cavity. The fetal form and fetal movement are clearly visible, and the yolk sac can be seen.

8 weeks of pregnancy means that the fetus has entered a stage of comprehensive development, and it is continuously developing in an acceleration by acceleration.So the current fetus is developing at full firepower.Although he is still small, he has developed very positive.

Nowadays, the eyelids have begun to have wrinkles, and the nose parts have begun to stand up, the ears are gradually molding, and the teeth and jaws have begun to develop after the outline of the oral cavity.Last week, the fingers and toes that had grown also appeared with a stagnation, and the small arms bent on the elbow.

Although the heart and brain have developed very complicated, the bone marrow of the fetus has not yet formed, and it still has to rely on the liver to produce red blood cells. This state must continue until the bone marrow matures.At the end of this week, the placenta and umbilical cord will gradually form, and through thin skin like paper, we can clearly see the fetal blood vessels.

Summary of mothers: The weight of expectant mothers increase slightly, the uterus increased significantly and softened, the cervix became soft, and the vulva was deepened.

Fixed keywords · physical change: deepening of vulva color

Mom change the text:

Compared with last week, the mother’s body and weight have not changed significantly. From the appearance point of view, it is not like a pregnant woman.However, some expectant mothers will grow slightly due to changes in eating habits, but generally do not exceed 0.2kg.The abdomen may look flat, but in fact, your uterus is almost close to a fist, with a length of about 5 cm.In this gestational week, the mother’s uterus and cervix will soften, and the vulva is deepened.

Medical care Abstract: If the abdominal bloating and pain are accompanied by vaginal bleeding, you need to identify whether the premature abortion is needed.

Random keyword 1 (medical care): early pregnancy premature abortion

Random keyword 2 (medical care): identify the symptoms of threatened abortion

Medical and health care:

1. Common causes of knowing threatened abortion

(1) embryo defects.The imperfect parental or mother’s reproductive cells are the main causes of threatened abortion, which is more common in the abnormal number of chromosome and abnormal structure.Although not very good germ cells barely combined into embryos, they will die early in the eventually, and there is no way to grow normally and give birth to the moon.The abortion caused by this reason is actually a good thing.Because abnormal fetuses are really produced in full month, there will also be malformations or abnormalities.

(2) Environmental impact.The fact that environmental factor affects reproductive function has been identified by the medical community. It not only causes women’s menstrual disorders, abnormal endocrine system function, but also severe cases can cause the genes of germ cells to damage the genes of germ cells, cause women to cause abortion, dead tires, premature birth, fetal malformations after conception.Or fetal and neonatal malignant tumors.If women have been in high -radiation areas for a long time, and excessive contact with lead supplies, closer to pollutants, will cause threatened abortion.

(3) Specific mother’s body.If the mother suffers from systemic diseases, such as severe anemia, heart failure, hypertension and other diseases, other causes such as insufficient umbilical cord oxygen supply, amniotic fluid disease, placental virus infection, etc. will affect pregnancy.Personal mothers’ malnutrition is also one of the reasons for miscarriage.Some expectant mothers have severe pregnancy nausea and vomiting in the early days, causing lack of extreme nutritional feedback, which has a great impact on the development of the embryo, and it is also prone to miscarriage.

(4) Other aspects.Sexual life during the entire pregnancy should be cautious, and inappropriate sexual life, especially in early pregnancy, can easily cause abortion.In the middle of pregnancy, sexual life should also be moderate to avoid compressing the position of the mother’s abdomen, so as not to cause abortion.

2. Recognize common symptoms of threatened abortion

(1) Vaginal bleeding: vaginal bleeding can be divided into a small amount of bleeding and a large amount of bleeding, persistent bleeding and irregular bleeding.The phenomenon of vaginal hemorrhage in the first three months of pregnancy should seek medical treatment immediately, especially vaginal hemorrhage is accompanied by pain, which requires special attention, because it may be a sign of miscarriage.

(2) Pain: Pelvic, abdomen or lower back may have continuous pain.When the symptoms of vaginal bleeding appear, it may start to feel pain after a few hours or days.

(3) Vaginal blood clot: vaginal discharge block or light gray tissue.For this situation, pregnant mothers must attract attention and seek medical treatment in time.

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