Wei Shen enters the third anniversary of Huya and will eat chickens with a double row with his pregnant girlfriend. Uzi is a mysterious guest

For netizens who like to play games, Wei Shen is simply the legend of the e -sports circle.His story is even more ups and downs than the emperor Sky.As early as 2012, Wei Shen, who was only 15 years old, successfully selected a professional team with amazing talent and superb gymnastics, and officially started the league career.Within 3 years, the LGD team led the LGD team, the long -standing EDG of the domination zone, and won the first and only LPL national champion in the history of the LGD team.

After his debut, he was peak. After winning the championship, Wei Shen sucked countless fans.However, in the process of fighting the world championship, Wei Shen fell from the altar to the sewer overnight due to the mistake of operation.The media’s follow -up and the extreme abuse of fans made Wei Shen taste the warmth and warmth at a young age, and see through the world.

Thinking again and again, Wei Shen finally chose to retire during the peak and officially left the LOL arena.However, the court was frustrated and the love field was proud.During the career of Wei Shen, the visual design of the bee with the team had a secret affection.Wei Shen once said that in the most difficult time, bees never abandoned.With the encouragement of the bee, Wei Shen remembered the entire fanfare, moved to "Jedi Survival" in 2017 and set up a 4AM team to start a new season.

Today, Wei Shen not only became the team owner, but also linked to bees in June this year.Wei Shen, 23, harvested the Grand Slam in his life before he reached middle age. He has to be said to be the pride of heaven and winner of life.On December 7, Wei Shen will usher in his third anniversary of Huya. To thank Wei Shen for his contribution to the platform, Huya also deliberately published a document.

Official news: Wei Shen will open a double row with the bee that night, and join hands with the fans for your remarks.In addition, there are wonderful programs such as fan singers and water friends.However, according to "informed" fans, bees are actually pregnant. Instead of talking about the double row of husbands and wives, the family is worse than the family.What is even more exciting is that Huya also sold a gates in the "official announcement", saying that there would be "cross -border retired players who came to help out that night."

In this regard, some fans speculated that the retired players revealed to Huya are likely to be Uzi.You know, Uzi does not lose Wei Shen in both popularity and strength, and he has successfully settled in the RNG Hall of Fame. If he helps, the activity will inevitably be more exciting.I wonder if you think so?

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