What about nausea and vomiting after pregnancy?There is a special attention

Many pregnant mothers will go through early pregnancy reactions: nausea and vomiting starts at 5-10 weeks of menopause, with a series of reactions such as having greasy, like acidic food, dizziness, and weakness. Most pregnant women can still eat.Can live normally.

Early pregnancy reaction is a normal physiological phenomenon. You do n’t have to be too nervous. It is subjective and not anxious, eat less, eat and eat properly, and drink some soda to improve water.

Early pregnancy response generally continued until 3 months of pregnancy, and individual pregnant women disappeared until 16-18 weeks.

However, some pregnant women have severe pregnancy reactions, frequent vomiting, vomiting bile or even blood, not eating, and even dehydration, acid poisoning, unclear vision, and coma.Once the pregnancy drama is diagnosed, it must be hospitalized.

What are the causes of pregnancy?


Endocrine factors

After pregnancy, the hormonal secretion in pregnant mothers changes, the level of estrogen levels rises rapidly, and HCG also rises rapidly.The rise in HCG in the body of pregnant women is consistent with the time when the response to the early pregnancy. Therefore, after many pregnant women consciously nausea and oily, they find that I am pregnant after testing urine or blood HCG.

The higher the HCG level of pregnant women, the relatively severe the pregnancy reaction. Usually, the HCG level of the pregnant women with multiple babies or even multiple fetuses is higher than that of a single tire. Portuguese tires have serious reactions than pregnant women with normal pregnancy.


Mental factors

Psychological factors have a lot to do with the occurrence of early pregnancy reaction drama, especially when pregnant women’s overgrowth anxiety has fear of pregnancy itself, which can cause vomiting.

Especially at present, the age of childbearing is greater and the number of pregnant women has increased. Once they are too tight in pregnancy, the elderly pregnant women will relatively heavy pregnancy.


social factors

Pregnant women with poor economic conditions are not highly knowledgeable and lack of cognition and understanding of pregnancy. The nutritional conditions are relatively poor, and the phenomenon of pregnancy will be serious.

In addition, there are some pregnancy vomiting and allergic reactions, and Helicobacter pylori infections.

How to deal with pregnancy drama vomiting?

Pregnancy drama vomiting is not normal, but diseases.

Whether the early pregnancy response develops as a pregnancy drama vomiting must go to the hospital for obstetrics and do laboratory examination, which is diagnosed by obstetricians.

Pregnancy drama must be treated for treatment.Otherwise, it will endanger pregnant women and fetus life.


How to deal with pregnancy drama vomiting?


Psychological comfort and guidance

Doctors will comfort pregnant women from a professional perspective, but the careful comfort, encouragement, and companionship of family members, especially their husbands, are very important. Different families have different contradictions. The thoughts and concerns of pregnant women require the doctor’s family to clear it together.


Actively cooperate with doctors for testing and examination

Urine routine discovers urine ketone body +++ or even ++++, blood gas analysis found pH <7.35, and blood potassium <3.5 indicates that acid poisoning occurs, and must be corrected as soon as possible.

In addition, we must do pelvic or yin -type ultrasound as soon as possible to confirm whether it is normal internal pregnancy. If it is an ectopic pregnancy and hydatarin, surgery or chemotherapy is performed as soon as possible to curb it in the bud.


Fasting (gradually restoring diet after improvement of patients)+replenishment (including supplement protein, vitamins, etc.)+correction of acid poisoning+stop vomiting.

In terms of daily diet, doctors will calculate daily intake for pregnant women. Do not eat fruit for the time being, because fruit acid stimulates gastric mucosa can cause vomiting.

In terms of relief drugs, the first -line drugs of thermal vomiting are usually vitamin B6.


Terminate pregnancy

If the pregnancy vomiting continues to increase after active treatment, the pregnant woman’s fever, abnormal liver skills, tachycardia, and even lethargy, and coma must be "sacrificed to protect the handsome". At this time, in the eyes of a doctor, compared with an embryo, the life of pregnant women is the most life.important.

It is hoped that all women can go through early pregnancy and even the entire pregnancy.All medical staff of the Monetic Heping Hospital of the Medical University of China and all the medical staff of the Hunnan Hospital are escorted to prepare for pregnancy and pregnant.

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