What age, women can still have children

With the development of society, everyone’s outlook on marriage and fertility has always been changing.In recent years, because of academic and career reasons, many women are not anxious to get married and have children when they are young.It was only after the completion of the academic and after the small career.

However, after a certain age, if you regenerate your child, the physical condition is not so suitable, and the chance of suffering from complications during pregnancy will also increase accordingly.What age is that woman who wants to have a child?

Women will have a visit to the aunt every month. I believe this is what everyone knows.After a certain age, the aunt will stop visiting, that is, menopause, I believe everyone should know.If a woman wants to go smoothly, it is not related to the visits of the aunt.

Under normal circumstances, as long as women do not have menopause, they still have the possibility of pregnancy.But from a medical perspective.If you have a fertility plan, it is best to complete the birth of fertility in the first ten years of menopause.But we don’t know when the menopause will happen.So how can I have children at the latest?

Most women’s menopause is 45-55 years old. Because of the different personal constitution, some people may be maintained to 58-60 years old.The first ten years of women’s menopause, that is, 35-45 years old, this time period is called "fertility limit".After exceeding this age, in addition to pregnancy, even if you are pregnant, the chance of suffering from complications during pregnancy will be 3-5 times that of young pregnant mothers.

Above, whether it is the first or second child, it is best to be between 25-30 years old, that is, it is completed within the best fertility age of women.If you cannot do it for various reasons, it is best to complete the birth of birth before the age of 35.May everyone who is preparing for pregnancy can usher in good pregnancy as soon as possible.

Please refer to the above content, and cannot be used as a basis for diagnosis and treatment.

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