What are the "crisis" hidden in the early pregnancy?Dr. Baijia Maria in Changsha has something to say

Pregnant mothers are conducting early pregnancy check.

Many pregnant mothers who are pregnant for the first time will encounter the phenomenon of seeing red early in the early pregnancy. So what crisis does the red in the early pregnancy be hidden?Changsha Baijia Maria experts have something to say.

1. Why do you bleed in the early pregnancy?

Before the placenta has formed and exercise the function, most of the progesterone that maintains the stable embryo comes from pregnancy luteal.At 5-8 weeks of pregnancy, as the placenta gradually matured, the placenta also received the duties of luteal secretion of progesterone.That is, at the critical moment of this new and old replacement, it is inevitable that the placenta is lazy, lazy, and the development of its own development. It is not necessary to meet the demand for the supply of progesterone. The lack of short -term progesterone is difficult to maintain the stability of the fetus, and bleeding is prone to occur.

Everyone may go through the moment of this transfer, but there are still many reasons for vaginal bleeding. You have to be guarded.

Second, abnormal pregnancy, the baby is obsessed with home

Under normal circumstances, fertilized eggs are formed after sperm and egg fertilization. The fertilized eggs must be swimming to the uterine cavity and bed. In the uterine cavity, "settling home" can develop into embryos and fetuses.If the fertilized eggs are bed in other parts of the uterine cavity, the incidence is about 2%.We can be understood as "fascinated by fertilized eggs, and I have settled."

The most common part of the abnormal pregnancy is the fallopian tube.After fertilized eggs, HCG will also secrete HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). As the embryo continues to grow, the tube wall of the fallopian tube will be invaded, rupture and bleeding will occur, which will also cause blood loss and life.

Before some people have time to do the first birth check, there are three -levity of the classic of abnormal pregnancy. Men disclosure, abdominal pain, and irregular vaginal bleeding, dark red or dark brown, small amount of amount of dropdice, generally does not exceed the menstrual flow volume, generally does not exceed menstrual flow.A small number of patients bleed more.

Third, the possibility of abortion cannot be ignored

When it is only a small amount of blood and discharge without gestational objects, you must consider the signs of abortion.However, this situation is still rescue. After some signs of abortion have been rest and tire -preserving, the baby can continue to develop.

If vaginal bleeding increases and lower abdominal pain cannot be relieved and exacerbated, it may really have a miscarriage.Common causes of abortion include insufficient quality of the embryo itself, abnormal genes, abnormal endocrine, abnormal immune function, and father factors.No matter what kind of abortion, whether the child can keep it, it is not possible to find out the reason.

Fourth, vaginal and cervical diseases must also be valued

Many pregnant women have not performed a regular physical examination before pregnancy, so that some potential causes such as cervical polyps, poor cervical development, and even cervical lesions and cancer can cause bleeding during pregnancy.

In addition, it cannot be excluded because sexual life disturb the baby’s tranquility, or vaginal damage, infection and other conditions can cause bleeding.There are many causes of vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy, and clinical symptoms alone cannot immediately judge her condition.

Regardless of the vaginal bleeding caused by the situation, its characteristics are extremely similar. In the absence of professional knowledge, it is the right choice to go to the hospital for examination.(Correspondent Huang Ying)

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