What are the benefits of pig eating hawthorn?Can pregnant sows eat hawthorn appetizers?

In order to save costs, many farmers often look for some "soil methods" to feed pigs. They want to raise pigs with the lowest cost. Recently, there are farmers consulting me. The sows who are pregnant are not good.Hawthorn, then let’s talk about whether pregnant sows can feed hawthorn, and the benefits and disadvantages of feeding pigs for pigs. Farmers can refer to it.

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hawthorn feeding pigs?

1. Advantages: Hawthorn is rich in organic acid, which can improve the taste of the feed, which will also increase the amount of pig feeding; hawthorn is rich in nutrients, which can digest a role in digestion and stomach.It can promote the restoration of appetite and give pigs to prevent some digestive tract diseases.

2. Disadvantages: Hawthorn not only promotes pig digestion, but also promotes fat decomposition in the feed. Therefore, in the process of use, we must pay attention to controlling the amount of feeding to avoid pigs thinner and thinner.

2. Can pregnant sows use hawthorn without eating food?

It is necessary to find the reason to solve it, otherwise feeding hawthorn can only play the effect of cure the standards.

3. What are the reasons why pregnant sows do not eat food?

1. Physical deficiency and appetite.After the sow is pregnant, if there is no special pregnancy sow material, or if the physique is poor, there will be a situation of poor aspiration. In this regard, we can use it for sowThe sow is qi and blood, and the body is regulated to help sow recover appetite.

2. Feed mold.If the feed is not well stored and caused the feed to mildew and the smell changes, the sows will not eat feed. In this regard, we must always keep the feed storage and the environment.Add: Cycus is too guaranteed to avoid mildew of feed.

3. Less exercise.After the sow is pregnant, we also need to let the sow exercise appropriately, otherwise the sows will lie down for a long time, which is prone to indigestion and reduce appetite.

The above is the benefit of eating hawthorn. During the breeding process, we must feed the pigs to feed the pigs according to the actual situation of the pig. We must pay attention to grasp the amount of feeding to avoid other problems that cause pigs.

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