What are the causes of small yields?Pay attention to after childbirth at 3 o’clock to recover quickly

Small yields often refer to the natural abortion or human abortion due to fetal pregnancy, due to fetal or pregnant women’s own reasons.

What are the reasons for small production?

The fetal development and abnormal pregnancy eggs are the most common main causes of early small yields. In the first two months of pregnancy, 80 % of the reason is that due to the defects of sperm or eggs, it is caused by defects, which causes defects, which causes defects, which causes defects, which causes defects, which causes defects, which causes defects.Embryo development stops development without completely.

Pregnant women have diseases, such as suffering from acute diseases such as influenza and typhoid fever. The fetal resistance is poor in the invasion of the bacterial virus, which can cause the fetus to die.In addition, pregnant women have chronic diseases such as severe anemia, heart failure, chronic nephritis and hypertension, which may cause fetal hypoxia to cause deformity and small yield.There are also malnutrition of pregnant women, especially vitamin deficiency, and mercury, lead, and alcoholic poisoning can cause abortion.

Pregnant women’s genital uterus abnormalities, such as uterine malformations exist in twin uterus, uterine dysplasia, etc., which will cause natural small production.Emotions are unstable. During pregnancy, pregnant women are stimulated, excessive sorrow and fierce emotional changes such as excessive sorrow and anger will cause minimal yields in uterine contraction.

After childbirth women, their bodies are often weak. Pay more attention to 3 points, otherwise it is not conducive to the body.

1. Pay attention to physical hygiene after childbirth.

Especially the cleanliness of the lower body, the uterine mouth of the small postpartum has not been closed immediately, and the endometrium also needs time to recover, and there will be bleeding after childbirth. At this timeThe genitals should be rinsed with warm water to avoid infection in the way of bathing.

2. Pay attention to the same room after small delivery.

It takes at least one month to be in the same room, because at this time the uterus is not recovered, the same room will cause secondary damage to the uterus, and at this time, the same room will easily cause bacterial infections, causing various gynecological diseases, even infertility.If there is no protective measures in the same room, there is a possibility of pregnancy, but the uterus is not recovered, which will lead to small production again and cause infertility.

3. Pay attention to diet health after small delivery.

Avoid partial eclipse, nutrition of sufficient diet, pay attention to taboo food.You should choose more foods rich in vitamins, trace elements, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, fruits, fruits, etc., as well as beans rich in soybean protein.Those with cold gastrointestinal and intestines should be careful of cold foods, such as mung beans, bitter gourd, etc.

After childbirth, women’s bodies are very weak. In addition to ensuring sufficient nutrition in diet and paying attention to food and health care, they also need to pay more attention to postpartum postpositions to avoid harm to the body again.After the physical recovery of natural abortion, when preparing for pregnancy again, pay more attention to preparing pre -pregnancy medical examinations to prevent the occurrence of small production again.

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