What are the cold medicines for A flow?How to use it?Listen to what the professional pharmacist says →

The peak of this round of A current has basically passed, but from the clinical data, it has not completely ended.If you are infected with the flow of A and blindly taking cold medicine, it may bring serious consequences.Today, Li Fei, the in charge of the pharmacist department of the Pharmacy Department of the Eighth People’s Hospital in Shanghai, is a little knowledge of popular science fluctuations for everyone.

Ordinary cold is a common type of upper respiratory virus infection, which can cause symptoms such as cough, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, and fever. Usually it is limited to 7-10 days, and some symptoms may last for 3 weeks.No medicine can treat ordinary colds, but cold symptoms can be relieved by cold medicine.

The recent influenza virus is mainly type A influenza virus. A current is a self -limited disease that usually recover within a week.Infection can be used for symptomatic medicine. In addition to Oaswell, Abydur, Paramine, and Zanamovy are available. The new medicine Macarhawe (Sufanda) has also recently become a first -line medication.Without these medicines, it can be treated with two ingredients containing Libavirin and Vajrayanamine.No matter what kind of antiviral drugs, the ideal administration time is to take it within 48 hours or within 48 hours of contact with influenza patients.

Osdowe is suitable for the treatment of type A and type B of adults, including adults and or above.Children or children who have swallowing disorders can use Osdoweve particles according to their doses.The incidence of adverse reactions is very low, but there are also neurological symptoms after taking Oasis and adolescents after taking Oasis, including the adverse reactions of convulsions, fuzzy consciousness, and abnormal behavior. Parents should pay close attention to whether there are abnormal behaviors after minors taking medicine.If there are abnormalities, you must seek medical treatment in time.

Macarosov (Sufa) is currently only suitable for the treatment of patients with simple A flow and BLC patients 12 years old and above. Patients under the age of 12 cannot be used.Avoid taking oral supplements with dairy products, calcium -resistant or calcium, or calcium, iron, and magnesium with dairy products, calcium, calcium, acidic drugs, or calcium, anticuria, or calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Preventing A flow, an effective way is to vaccinate the flu vaccine, wash your hands, wear masks, improve your own immunity, and establish a scientific health concept is a good medicine!

Doctors remind that all antiviral drugs cannot be used to get rid of the disease, and the drug should be used under the guidance of a professional physician. Do not use it blindly.At the same time, antibiotics should not be used blindly. The antibiotics are mainly for bacteria and have no effect on the virus. Only antibiotics are used in secondary bacterial pneumonia, otitis media and sinusitis.The abuse of antibiotics may lead to adverse reactions, and will promote the production of bacterial resistance and increase the risk of resistance to drug -resistant bacterial infections.

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