What are the common diseases in the anus?If the situation is not good, take medical treatment immediately, don’t be embarrassed

Human body has a lot of organs, and every organs have their important places.Everyone also has anal, anal is very important, because the human body needs anal when defecation. The anus is actually the end of the human liver and intestine, and an organ of the body.Things.If anal problem occurs, it will be greatly affected when defecation.There are actually many types of anal diseases.

Common anal diseases are hemorrhoids.Many people in life have hemorrhoids, especially those who are pregnant, and the possibility of hemorrhoids is very high. As the saying goes, it is also said that "ten pregnancy and nine hemorrhoids", which is not unreasonable.The main symptom of hemorrhoids is that there are blood in the stool. Mild hemorrhoids can not require surgery. It is slowly getting better through the usual diet and living habits, but the serious hemorrhoids need to be cut off by surgery.

In addition, there are common diseases in life in life, as well as anal eczema, hepatochrus rectal cancer, and so on.These diseases will more or less cause a certain amount of damage to the anus, and the serious situation will cause the body to danger.Many symptoms of these diseases will have similar situations. For example, if there is blood in the stool, the color of the blood is dark, and there is no pain in the beginning, but after a long time, the pain will be more serious, and the anus will feel like falling., And the stool will be relatively dry, and the number of stools will be more.

Generally, the anal disease will be reflected during bowel movements, so everyone should pay more attention to their physical health when defecation. When the situation is wrong, go to the hospital for examination.EssenceAfter the diagnosis results come out, follow the doctor’s instructions in time and treat it according to the doctor’s requirements.

In addition, you have to pay attention to your diet and living habits. You can try to eat as light as possible. Eat less spicy and greasy foods. You must follow less salt and less oil.If the diet is too greasy and spicy, it will cause the stool to dry, which will make the anus disease more serious.You can drink more water, which can also play a certain role of detoxification, and at the same time, you can also make stools and make the stool not dry.

You must also pay more attention to exercise and exercise, which can speed up the body’s metabolism and blood circulation, which can make the body better, thereby enhancing the body’s resistance, so that the body can resist the anal disease to a greater extent.

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