What are the dangers of mothers diarrhea and how to prevent mothers in the third trimester?

The closer to childbirth, the greater the expectant mothers’ physical condition, and the greater the harm brought by it.Diarrhea may not be a big problem for ordinary people, but for a subject of mothers, if it is not handled, it will cause premature birth, so you must treat it carefully

Harm of diarrhea during pregnancy

1. Frequent or severe diarrhea during pregnancy will affect the absorption of nutrients by pregnant mothers, thereby affecting the nutritional status of the fetus

2. On the other hand, women will secrete a substance called prostin during diarrhea, which will further stimulate the intestine and increase the symptoms of diarrhea.At the same time, this chemical composition will also stimulate uterine contraction, which may lead to abortion and premature birth

Causes and treatment of diarrhea

1. Cold and unclean foods are common causes of diarrhea that causes diarrhea

2 The most common causes are bacterial infections, food poisoning or virus infections, such as Salmonella, Zhiga Dyntilicia, Candurbalobacteria and Virus infection, etc.

3. Diarrhea occurs after eating cold foods, and it usually returns to normal in a short period of time. Therefore, you do n’t need to take drugs. You only need to pay attention to hydrating to prevent dehydration. In daily diet prevention, expectant mothers should pay attention not to eat cold foods.Do not eat corrupt foods, avoid diarrhea

4. Infectious diarrhea should go to the hospital for medical treatment in time, and perform appropriate drug treatment in accordance with the doctor’s advice.At the same time, we must pay attention to the fetal movement to observe the condition of the baby’s baby and the signs of premature or miscarriage.If the expectant mother returns to normal defecation within 24 ~ 96 hours, don’t worry

Once pregnant mothers have diarrhea, they will affect the health of the mother and fetus, and may even lead to abortion, so you must pay attention to the prevention of diarrhea.

1. Don’t be greedy, even if the weather is hot, you can’t eat the watermelon or cold drink just taken from the refrigerator.

2. Try not to eat leftovers and leftovers. If you want to eat leftovers left in the refrigerator, you must fully heated before eating.In addition, eat less outside, pay attention to diet hygiene

3. Don’t eat too greasy, spicy foods and not digestible foods

4. When the iron supplement is supplemented, be sure to take it after meals, and it is best to supplement food to avoid affecting appetite or diarrhea.

5. expectant mothers can save a dietary prescription for diarrhea, so as to prepare from time to time: take 15 grams of apple dried powder, modify the aura warm water, 2 to 3 times a day

6. For pregnant women with diarrhea, we must strengthen care, ensure rest, give nutritional and easy -to -digest diet, drink plenty of water

If pregnant mothers are unfortunately caused by diarrhea due to diet, cold, etc., in addition to drug treatment, they can also cooperate with food conditioning methods to help expectant mothers recover their health quickly

1. Diarrhea not only loses nutrition, but also stimulates the uterus due to hyperactivity of intestinal motion, and even causes miscarriage, and abortion is easy to occur early in pregnancy. Therefore, you must pay attention to hygiene in your diet.Digestive food

2. Specific mothers should eat more liquid food, such as milk, vegetable juice, fruit juice, egg soup, soft noodles, dilute porridge, etc., which have both nutrients and a large amount of water lost when diarrhea.In addition, eat more tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, citrus and other foods to supplement vitamins

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